People with Libyan national flags in the capital Tripoli's Martyrs' Square on June 5, 2020. Image Credit: AFP

Tripoli: The two rival administrations in Libya - the Tripoli-based and Government of National Accord (GNA) and an ally of eastern-based commander Gen Khalifa Haftar, who controls large parts of the east and south - have agreed to a truce.

The GNA published a statement that also calls for elections in March next year.


Libya has been plagued by violence since Col Muammar Gaddafi was deposed by Nato-backed forces in 2011.

There has been no direct comment from Gen Haftar but Aguila Saleh, speaker of the eastern-based parliament, which supports him, also announced a ceasefire.

Both the UN and Egypt's President Abdul Fattah Al Sisi, who also backs Gen Haftar, have welcomed the agreement.