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Cairo: An Egyptian woman has accused her husband of feeding their nine-month daughter with poisonous formula milk allegedly to stop her crying, local media reported.

Investigations showed that the man had brutally hit the baby and laced her formula milk with an insecticide that killed her.

“When I got pregnant with her, he wanted me to get rid of the fetus. The miscarriage did not happen, so he killed her,” the mother told private newspaper Al Masry Al Youm.

The woman claimed that the last time the baby, named Ahbab, cried, the father insisted on carrying her and feeding her the milk bottle in their house in Giza, south of Cairo.

His elder daughter, aged five, told police that her father had first suffocated Ahbab using a pillow before giving her the feeding bottle.

Police arrested the suspect while he was trying to get a burial permit for the dead baby claiming her death was due to natural causes.

He told investigators that he used to physically abuse the baby because he suspected she was not his daughter.

“I saw my wife with a neighbouring man. So, I hit the baby and told myself she was not my daughter,” he was quoted as saying.

An investigate judge ordered the suspect kept in custody for 15 days pending further questioning on charges of premeditated murder.