Friends made the plans for the groom to make his dramatic entrance in a trailer head Image Credit: Youtube screenschot

Manama: A Saudi groom surprised his guests when he arrived at the wedding ceremony hall riding in a trailer head.

Friends made the plans for the groom to make his big entrance in the trailer head and ensure that the wedding is celebrated with great fun and fanfare.

Relatives and friends lined up to welcome the groom as he made one of the strangest wedding entrances, witnesses said, Saudi news site Al Marsad reported on Monday.

The clip of the trailer ride to the ceremony in Jouf, in northern Saudi Arabia, went viral on social media and sparked a wide range of comment, from praising the fun spirit of the groom to harsh criticism for daring to break with deep-rooted traditions.

Abu Lail said he was thrilled with the idea.

“It is a different concept and it is great fun. My heartiest congratulations and do not allow yourself to be put down by people who do not appreciate your sense of humour. May God bless you at all times and may your existence as a couple be filled with joy and tenderness,” he said.

However, a commenter under the moniker of Truth Pen was not amused.

“May God curse you for the deplorable lack of common sense and the despicable absence of romanticism on what is supposed to be the most auspicious evening for a couple of hearts to be united through love and mutual respect,” he posted.

Last week, a Saudi couple became a sensation on social media when they celebrated their wedding on roller skates.

The event was a breakthrough in the Saudi tradition-conscious society as the bride and groom decided to do away with their high heels and shoes to don the roller skates and rolled up their way to the reception hall in a mesmerisingly steady pace.

The groom, Hussain Bin Mahfood, a professional skater ranked third in Asia, has the full support of his bride, Hanan Al Reem, a Jeddah university architecture student, and the couple went ahead with the plan.

Even though they initially opposed the idea, the mothers of the bride and groom, eventually went along with it.