Hala Al Enezi Image Credit: Courtesy Okaz

Manama: Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud has responded to a plea by a Saudi child being treated in a hospital in the US and ordered sponsoring her mother’s travel to be with her.

In her plea from the hospital room in Philadelphia, Hala Al Enezi said that she longed to see her mother, especially that she was in a serious condition suffering from a chronic disease and that doctors amputated her leg the previous day.

“I deeply need her to be with me during these difficult times and I urge you to help me. God bless you Mohammad Bin Salman. I am your daughter and please, please help me,” Hala said in an emotional voice.

Hala went to the US with her father and grandfather while her mother remained at home. She reportedly has to undergo more surgeries, Saudi daily Okaz reported on Monday.

The video clip went viral on social media and eventually reached Crown Prince Mohammad who ordered that assistance be provided.

Media users applauded the crown prince’s positive response and heaped praise on “caring about Saudi citizens wherever they are.”

“We are not at all surprised by your reaction and may God bless your own mother,” Faten Al Shahri posted. “May God grant you happiness and joy the way you are making this child happy and joyful. May she recover and return home soon.”

Violety, another user, thanked Prince Salman for his “kind and generous gesture”, and stressed the role of social media in conveying messages from common people to leaders and rulers.

“Social media have really made it easy to contact our leaders,” the user posted.