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Ghulam Shabbir in a file photo in Jeddah. Image Credit: SOURCE: Facebook/Ghulam Shabbir

Dubai: Ghulam Shabbir once tallest man in the world has died in Jeddah following a battle with heart disease.

The Pakistani national, who had been awarded the title for his exceptional height, was 43. Shabbir, who stood at an astonishing 2.55 meters (8 feet 4 inches), held the title of the world’s tallest man for six years from 2000 to 2006, a fact that was recognised by the Guinness Book of Records.

His height had made him a social media sensation, as he graced numerous events and received various accolades throughout his life.

The love for the “Pakistani giant” went beyond borders. Shabbir had expressed a deep affection for Saudi Arabia, deeming it the most beautiful country he had visited. His journey had taken him to over 42 countries, but it was in the Kingdom where he felt a special connection.

Shabbir’s enthusiasm for life was evident in his passion for football. He was an avid follower of the Saudi League, engaging with the sport with a zeal that matched his stature. This interest also led him to meet various leaders and sports officials within the football world.

As the news of his death spread, tributes began pouring in on social media platforms, where thousands shared his last video from the hospital, capturing his fighting spirit.

The outpouring of grief and condolences from fans and followers around the world reflects the impact Shabbir had on those who came across his unique story.

Born in 1980 in Pakistan, Shabbir’s life was marked by both the challenges and successes that accompanied his extraordinary physical stature.

Despite health issues that often accompany such rare conditions, he lived a life full of engagements and made the most of his recognition.

Shabbir became famous in 2014 after appearing in international media. He had appeared in numerous television shows and films, and traveled the world lecturing and raising awareness about Woodruff Syndrome. which he was suffering from.

Shabbir was a beloved figure in Pakistan and the world. He was seen as an inspiration to people with disabilities.

According to his family, Shabbir will be buried in his hometown in Pakistan.

The tallest person alive in the world today is Sultan Kösen, who measures 2.51m in height.

Kösen, a farmer from Turkey, has held the record for the world’s tallest man since Guinness World Records measured him back in 2009.

The tallest confirmed person who ever lived was Robert Wadlow. The American is a Guinness World Records legend and his staggering height of 2.72m is yet to be matched.