1,790 vehicles seized across Saudi Arabia for illegal parking in disabled spots
On an average, 8,600 vehicles were seized per month across Saudi Arabia for parking in spaces reserved for people of determination. Illustrative image. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: The Saudi Public Prosecution has announced stringent penalties for those who mistreat or mock people of determination, emphasizing the seriousness of offences against persons with disabilities.

Through its account on the ‘X’ platform, the Public Prosecution detailed the consequences of acts that subject people of determination to neglect, abuse, mockery, rights deprivation, or exploitation.

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Offenders could face up to one year in prison and a fine of up to SR350,000, or either of these penalties.

In a related enforcement campaign, the General Directorate of Traffic reported the seizure of 62,540 vehicles across the Kingdom over the past few months (May to November 2022). These vehicles were found parked in spaces designated for people of determination, averaging 286 violations per day and 8,600 per month. This is part of a broader effort to uphold the rights of people of determination in public spaces.

The campaign’s impact was significant, with 24,954 vehicles seized between May and July 2022. The following four months (August to November) saw the seizure of 37,586 violating vehicles, bringing the total to 62,540 over the seven-month period.