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A staggering 51,600 individuals, , including 5,994 women, are facing legal proceedings for violations related to residency and labour laws.. Representational image. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Saudi Arabian authorities announced the arrest of 18,428 violators of residency, labour laws, and border security regulations across various regions of the Kingdom in one week.

The Ministry of Interior said that the arrests were the outcome of coordinated field campaigns conducted by security forces throughout the Kingdom from December 7 to 13.

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Those arrested include 11,664 who violated residency rules, 4,301 border security rules and 2,463 labour laws.

Additionally, 1,000 people were apprehended while attempting to cross into the Kingdom’s borders, with 36 per cent of them identified as Yemenis, 62 per cent as Ethiopians, and 2 per cent representing other nationalities.

Notably, 61 individuals were intercepted while trying to exit Saudi Arabia illegally.

The authorities also cracked down on those involved in facilitating illegal activities related to residency and work violations. Eleven individuals implicated in transporting and sheltering violators of residency regulations were also arrested.

A staggering 51,600 individuals, , including 5,994 women, are facing legal proceedings for violations. Among them, 46,507 violators have been referred to their respective diplomatic missions to facilitate the issuance of travel documents, while 2,044 are in the process of completing their travel reservations. Additionally, 10,249 violators have already been deported.

The Ministry of Interior has warned that anyone found helping the entry of infiltrators, providing transportation, shelter, or any form of assistance or service to such individuals, will face severe penalties including imprisonment for up to 15 years, a maximum fine of SR1 million, and the confiscation of any means of transportation or accommodation used in connection with the violations.