Qiddiya's arenas boast cutting-edge tech, including the world's largest indoor LED screen. Image Credit: SPA

Riyadh: Qiddiya City has unveiled plans for the world's first comprehensive gaming and esports district - and aiming to propel Saudi Arabia into the thriving professional esports scene.

In the heart of Qiddiya City, the new district will have four esports venues designed to host prominent events and attract an expected 10 million visitors annually, the state news agency SPA said.

The launch of Gaming & Esports District builds on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's support for the sector, as demonstrated through a 'National Strategy' and initiatives like talent development programs and targeted investments. This district, with its broad appeal to two-thirds of the Saudi population, aims to 'engage and inspire'.

Qiddiya City
Qiddiya's gamer district boasts gaming-themed apartments, hotels, and 100,000 sqm of entertainment.

Abdullah bin Nasser Aldawood, the Managing Director of Qiddiya Investment Company, said: "The gaming and esports sector is experiencing rapid growth, and we observe the ambitious plans to propel it forward. Our responsibility will be to host major events and tournaments by enhancing the infrastructure, enabling Qiddiya City to invite the world to live, learn, and compete in gaming and esports.

"The gaming and esports district in Qiddiya City caters not only to esports professionals but also to gaming enthusiasts of all levels and ages. This district transforms the gaming world into a tangible reality, serving as a welcoming space for the gaming community."

Qiddiya City
The gaming district will be open to all categories of gaming enthusiasts.

The district is set to feature four arenas, boasting a capacity of 73,000 seats. Among these venues, one with 5,300 seats, is to be one of the world's three largest esports stadiums and will house the largest indoor LED screen among all esports areas globally.

Qiddiya City
Home for champions: The district will accommodate up to 25 esports clubs find residence, training, and competition in Qiddiya.

Encompassing over 500,000 square meters, with 100,000 square meters allocated for retail, dining, and entertainment, the hub will allow gamers to live, work, and play, offering gaming-themed apartments and hotels.

It will accommodate up to 25 esports clubs from around the world and and provide regional headquarters for over 30 leading video game development companies.

Qiddiya City
Latest generation arenas can host 73,000 fans in Qiddiya's gaming district.

Situated in Qiddiya City, the  District aligns with the National Strategy for Gaming and Esports, striving to position the Kingdom as a global hub by 2030. It aims to attract up to 10 million annual visits.