The man who assaulted women in Saudi Arabia's Tabuk city. Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: Saudi Arabia’s Police in Tabuk have arrested a citizen after he appeared in a video attacking and beating woman in the middle of street, Saudi media reported.

A video of the man attacking women has gone viral on social media, prompting authorities to launch a manhunt.

Social media users expressed outrage and demanded authorities hold him accountable and seek the maximum penalty against him.

It is not yet clear why the man was attacking the women. Tabuk police said they are investigating the incident to know the aggressor’s motives behind his assault. The man was referred to the Public Prosecution

Last November, the Saudi Public Prosecution Office issued new penalties for abuse against women that included imprisonment and hefty fines for any physical, psychological, or sexual assault against women.

The Violence Against Women laws are some of the stringent in the region, with the Public Prosecution Office mandating a minimum jail sentence of no less than one month and up to five years.

Assault and harassment penalty fines reach as high as SR300,000 ($ 80,000).