20240128 bajali almond trees
'Bajali' almond trees, their white flowers is an integral component of Saudi's natural wealth and cultural heritage. Image Credit: SPA/X(formerly Twitter)

The 'Bajali' almond trees in the Bani Malik villages in Maysan Governorate south of Taif in Saudi Arabia have spread their magic, beauty, and fragrance on the tops of the mountains, where they have begun flowering, filling the mountainous landscape with whiteness, magic, and fragrance.

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After the end of the winter hibernation period, the Bajali almond trees begin blossoming and occupying the scenery starting at the end of January and lasting through the beginning of March. Their splendid white flowers, turn into small fruits, covered with a hard shell, encased in a green membrane, and continue to grow until June, when the fruits ripen and are ready to eat.

These resilient Bajali almond trees, flourishing on the peaks of the Bani Malik Mountains, tolerate cold climatic conditions and are more than just a breathtaking spectacle. By June, their delicate white blossoms transform into bountiful harvests, yielding an impressive 100-150 kilograms of delicious almonds per tree. This bounty is not just a feast for the eyes; it's a significant source of income for local farmers, a testament to the trees' adaptability and immense value.

Visiting the Bani Malik mountains during this time is more than a trip; it's an immersion in nature's wonder and Saudi Arabia's cultural heritage. Breathe in the fresh air, lose yourself in the ethereal landscape, and create memories that will bloom long after the last petal falls.

The Bajali almond trees boast environmental, cultural, economic, and touristic value, transforming the mountainous areas into a coveted destination for tourists, adventurers, and hikers. Families in the region take pride in preserving and propagating these trees on their mountain farms, not only for their own benefit but also to attract visitors and tourists to enjoy the enchanting flowering season.