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Volunteers welcome and assist Hajj pilgrims. Image Credit: SPA

Dubai: The Hajj and Umrah Charitable Gift Association in Saudi Arabia has launched an initiative to distribute more than 9 million gifts to pilgrims throughout the Hajj season this year.

Eng. Turki Al Hatairshi, CEO of the Association, clarified the extensive range of programs and services provided from when pilgrims arrive until their departure. These services are delivered at over 266 contact points, including airports, land and sea ports, and holy sites like Mecca, Medina, Arafat, Muzdalifah, and Mina.

The association's efforts span five main programs: guidance, food services, Saudi hospitality, care, and agency services, all designed to facilitate the pilgrims' experience during their sacred journey

Such programs include guidance on Hajj and Umrah rituals, translation services, spatial guidance, and innovative products to enhance the care provided to the pilgrims. Additionally, the association manages projects related to sacrifices and charity acts as part of the rituals.

Al Hatairshi also said that the association operates certified offices near significant locations in Mecca and Medina to assist those who wish to contribute or learn more about the available services.