Manama: Qatar's Emir on Sunday called for an international investigation of all actions taken by Israel since the 1967 occupation of Arab Jerusalem in its bid to "obliterate the Islamic and Arab landmarks."

The UN Security Council should adopt a resolution for the formation of the fact-finding committee, Shaikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani said, adding that it would be consistent with previous decisions taken by the Council calling on Israel to reverse the actions it took for the Judaization of the holy city, claimed as capital by both Palestinians and Israelis.

Addressing the opening session of the Doha International Conference for the Defense of Al Quds, Shaikh Hamad warned that the Arab identity of Jerusalem was in danger and urged all Muslims to move in quickly to put an end to the Judaization of the city. "The return to Jerusalem cannot be achieved through slogans, speeches and conferences," he said.

"It can be achieved when we assume our duty to defend it and protect it from Judaisation while providing assistance to our Muslim and Christian friends to continue to continue their resistance to the Zionist Greater Jerusalem scheme," he said, quoted by Qatar News Agency (QNA).

Stressing the importance of the Arab unity to face the Israeli violations and preserve Jerusalem identity, Shaikh Hamad said that all countries and governments in the world must realize that there now is a unified Arab stand that will only accept a just peace based on the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

In his speech, the Emir reaffirmed Qatar's support for the Palestinian people and their legitimate demands in establishing the independent state of Palestine and urged civil society organizations, as a key partner with governments, to shoulder their responsibilities towards protecting Jerusalem and preserving its Arab and Islamic identity, QNA said.

Palestinians should exert "every possible effort to preserve the Arab identity of Jerusalem", "reinforce the national reconciliation process" and "prepare a comprehensive and expanded strategy for the various sectors and projects needed by the city," he said.

Qatar is willingness to participate in preparing and implementing this strategy, Shaikh Hamad said.