Muscat: A British woman was stopped at Muscat International Airport by security agents recently after they mistook her toddler’s phallic-shaped swimming aid for a sex toy.

Shona Hamilton said she was intercepted at an airport in Oman while heading off on holiday, reported Daily Mail newspaper.

She was carrying a plastic device with a shark’s head that is designed to help young children swim.

She said she didn’t realise she would be breaking the law until her mother, who lives in Bahrain, pointed it out.

She added: “You’d think when they picked it up with two fingers (like they were grossed out), I’d have caught a clue.”

Carrying sex toys into the country is illegal.

When contacted, an official of Oman Police confirmed the incident, stressing that it was a routine check.

The official added that the woman was released immediately, without giving further details.