Oman is on high alert for heavy rain and stong winds. Image Credit: Oman News Agency/X

Dubai: Oman is bracing for severe weather conditions set to hit the country from Friday evening through Saturday, with heavy rainfall, strong winds, and hailstorms expected across multiple regions.

The Civil Aviation Authority has issued a fourth alert warning of intensified weather on Saturday, affecting several governorates including Musandam, Buraimi, and parts of Al Batinah and Al Sharqiyah.

Anticipated rainfall ranging from 30 to 150 mm raised concerns of flash flooding in valleys and watercourses, prompting authorities to advise precautionary measures and avoidance of low-lying areas and wadis during thundershowers.

With forecasts indicating scattered rainfall on Friday and increased intensity on Saturday, residents are urged to stay vigilant and prepared. Strong downdraft winds and intense hailfall further compound the risks, potentially causing damage to properties and vehicles.

In addition to inland challenges, rough sea conditions along most coastlines pose risks for maritime activities and coastal areas, with waves expected to reach heights of 2-4 metres.

To mitigate potential impact, the National Committee for Emergency Situations Management has activated proactive measures across affected governorates.

Efforts are underway to enhance readiness and minimise the adverse effects of the impending weather conditions, with the National Committee for Emergency Situations Management coordinating response efforts.