Domestic workers at the Kuwait International Airport in a file photo. Image Credit: DGCA

Dubai: Kuwait’s Minister of Commerce and Industry, Mohammad Al Aiban, has issued a directive setting a maximum fee that can be charged for recruiting domestic workers.

The decision, aligning with the recommendations of First Deputy Prime Minister Sheikh Talal Khaled Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, revises Ministerial Resolution No. 103/2022 to include the cost of travel in the recruitment fee.

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The new fee structure caps the cost of hiring domestic workers from Asian countries at KD750 (about Dh9,000), African countries at KD575, and KD350 for individuals with a special passport provided by the sponsor.

The measure is designed to resolve disputes involving recruitment offices and ensure fair compensation for employers in case of contract breaches by domestic workers.

As per the latest data from the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI), Kuwait hosts 811,307 registered domestic workers.

The majority are from India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal, with smaller numbers from Ethiopia, Benin, Indonesia, Mali, and Madagascar.