Vratika Gupta
Vratika Gupta is a renowned designer and the driving force behind Maison Sia, specializing in luxury home decor products and artifacts. Image Credit: Linkedin/social media

Dubai: Vratika Gupta, the creative force behind luxury home decor brand Maison Sia, has splashed onto the real estate scene by securing India's financial capital Mumbai's first Rs 100 crore single residential deal of the year. Gupta purchased a sprawling sea-view mansion in the city's upscale Worli locality for a staggering Rs 116.2 crore (approximately Dh 4,267,909,800).

Gupta's new abode boasts a generous 12,138 square feet, reportedly valued at a premium Rs 1 lakh per square foot. According to IndexTap.com, the January 7th registration involved a hefty stamp duty exceeding Rs 5.82 crore. The deal also grants her exclusive access to eight car parking spaces.

Beyond bricks and mortar: A look at Vratika Gupta

Beyond her impressive real estate venture, Gupta enjoys recognition as a renowned designer and the driving force behind Maison Sia. This haven for luxurious home decor products and artifacts is a testament to her passion for exquisite craftsmanship and unconventional aesthetics. She is also the proud owner of India's first Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge SUV, valued at approximately Rs 12.25 crore.


Gupta's journey began in the realm of fashion. A graduate of the Pearl Academy of Fashion and the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), she started her career as an apparel designer, eventually establishing Maison Sia in 2022. This venture was fueled by her love for exploring new places and the allure of unconventional architecture, resulting in a curated collection of high-end artistic goods.

Three Sixty West: Mumbai's address of distinction

The "Three Sixty West" building, where Gupta's opulent apartment resides, has consistently generated buzz. In 2023, it witnessed India's largest property deal with D'Mart's Rs 1,238 crore acquisition. Other notable transactions include the purchase of an Rs 73.50 crore apartment by Everest Food Products in October 2023, and a luxurious duplex acquired by Avener Capital and Bajaj Consultants for around Rs 100 crore in March 2023.

This twin-tower masterpiece combines the Ritz-Carlton Hotel's elegance with upscale 4BHK and 5BHK residences managed by the renowned hospitality chain. Its aptly chosen name reflects the breathtaking panoramic sea views, a privilege enjoyed by all west-facing apartments, including Gupta's stunning new acquisition.

From fashion to finery: Vratika Gupta's enduring journey

Gupta's foray into the world of real estate adds another dimension to her already illustrious career. Prior to embarking on this new chapter, she honed her skills at Anjuman Fashions Ltd as an Apparel Designer, before moving on to design for the ANJU MODI label from 2009 to 2011. Her design journey then flourished at Two White Birds, a collaborative brand she co-founded, where her designs, characterized by vibrant colours, traditional textiles, and intricate details, seamlessly blended Indian heritage with modern sensibilities, establishing Two White Birds as a symbol of both style and comfort.