One of the workshops will focus on how Dubai will be in 2072 Image Credit: Stock image

Dubai: As part of its Dubai International Programme for Writing, the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) on Tuesday announced the launch of two writing workshops, titled ‘UAE Tomorrow’ and ‘Dubai Future’, for youth.

The two workshops are designed to enrol young talents in specialised training programmes across all genres, under the direction of the leading Arab and international instructors.

MBRF CEO Jamal bin Huwaireb said: “The Dubai International Programme for Writing has made significant strides in recent years to enrich the intellectual and literary movement in the region by consciously working to develop young talent capable of localising knowledge across a variety of fields to benefit society in the Arab region. The training workshops organised by the program play a pivotal role in helping members acquire knowledge and convey it effectively in the Arabic language. This year, we are anticipating the graduation of an outstanding group of talented young writers, who will make significant contributions to their society in the future.

UAE after 50 years

MBRF said the first workshop, titled ‘The UAE Tomorrow: The Emirates After 50 Years’, will be launched on August 1 and will run for four months. The workshop will be under the supervision of trainer Ray Abdel Aal, who will train a group of young writers on the proper framework for writing children’s stories while also educating about the art of children’s stories.

It will also focus on the methods of research required for the subject and its relevance to a child’s world and interests, as well as how to develop integrated literature for children that employ humanitarian characters and an interesting fictional plot. The session will conclude with participants completing their own book based on the march of the UAE in 50 years.

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'Dubai Future'

The second workshop, titled ‘Dubai Future’, will commence on August 8 and will also run for four months. The workshop will be held under the supervision of trainer Islam Abushakir, who will train writers who have a passion for writing for young readers that envisions Dubai in 50 years, in line with the city’s rapid development and growth. The workshop will operate on two levels, with the first one executed through regularly scheduled meetings that will occur five times per month, either in person or virtually, and the second one through daily communication using digital tools.

Young talents who want to apply for the programme must submit a written application of no more than 300 words and no fewer than 100 words to