Women empowerment
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With the help of women’s rights movements worldwide, we can see significant changes in developed and developing economies. The pool of talented women joining the workforce has been increasing yearly. Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the need to address gender diversity in the workplace. Despite our growing numbers, women remain significantly underrepresented among board members and top executives and even more in the investment migration industry.

Gender diversity is currently the focal point. In this industry, women are more willing to challenge conventional methodology, and they are tough defenders of the company’s objectives.

It is practical to increase the representation of women in senior management and board positions in the immigration industry. They would provide better governance, attract a refined pool of talent, and help create cultural harmony.

Being the Managing Director and a mother of two beautiful boys, balancing both my roles, I see the need to increase awareness of second citizenship amongst women.

Helena Savory, Managing Director, Savory & Partners Image Credit: Supplied

This is to ensure they meet their business prospects, personal growth, and global mobility, while streamlining our role to neutralise the gender gap in the workplace.

At Savory & Partners, we are a 200-year-old legacy and a bona fide family-run company, and our company philosophy is to put family values first. Inwardly, we ensure family-friendly benefits and policies for our employees while encouraging our female employees to aspire to roles of greater responsibility within the company.

We apply the same philosophy to how we treat our clients as well. In fact, majority of our clients are families and since we are a family-run business, we understand their fears and needs to make them feel confident. One of the ethos of the company is an ethical and emotional investment to capsulate the everyday women as global citizens.

—The writer is Managing Director, Savory & Partners