Happy moments. An Aster Clinic staff with the new-born Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI A pregnant African woman, who visited the private Aster Clinic in Al Muteena on February 26 to obtain a travel certificate to fly back home, walked out with her baby girl instead.

As if that were not heartening enough, the unexpected delivery was managed by a doctor who also happened to be full-term pregnant.

Gynaecologist Dr Parul Gupta, who delivered a boy two days later, told XPRESS from her hospital bed at the Aster Hospital that the African woman Julienne Bamogo, 24, was visiting the clinic for the first time when she suddenly went into labour.

“She had no ante-natal records when she came to me. She said she had some spotting that morning and requested a travel certificate to return to her hometown. I referred her to the radiologist for an ultrasound and she was found to be over 35 weeks pregnant. Soon after the scan, she began to complain of pain and we transferred her to the treatment room. We realised she had gone into labour and immediately called the gynaecological ambulance so she could be shifted to Aster Hospital where she could deliver. But her little one would not wait and arrived at our clinic itself,” said Dr Gupta. “The atmosphere was tense but very exciting as something like this had never happened before.”

Smooth delivery

Afneetha Thaha, the clinic’s assistant manager of operations, said the baby girl was born well before the ambulance arrived. “With limited facilities and resources, Dr Gupta and the nursing team managed the delivery in a smooth and efficient manner. Staff from the entire clinic was on their toes and worked like an extended Emergency Response Team (ERT). Within minutes, they had gathered everything that was needed – right from oxygen and a pair of scissors and forceps to cotton, gauze and a tray to receive the baby. Other patients who were waiting in the clinic couldn’t hide their excitement as they welcomed the newborn with a huge applause.” The baby, healthy and weighing 2.8 kg, was later moved to Aster Hospital with her mother. Both have since been discharged.

Julienne’s husband Emine said he was thankful to God and the clinic staff that everything went well.

“My wife came to Dubai on a visit visa in December and was to return to Africa on Saturday, in time for her delivery. But the Almighty had other plans for us,” said the businessman.

Overwhelmed by the surprise bundle of joy, he said neither he nor his wife had thought of a name for her yet.