Rain in the UAE on July 5
Authorities have warned motorists to be careful on the UAE roads. Image Credit: National Center of Meteorology

Abu Dhabi: The National Center of Meteorology, NCM, has confirmed a noticed decrease in the severity of the low-pressure system expected to affect the country, through continuous monitoring of its development.

The NCM shared the latest findings during the daily coordination meetings being held between all competent authorities concerned with dealing with mitigating the effects of weather conditions.

The meetings are attended by the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence, Police Directorates across all Emirates, National Center of Meteorology, and the Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure.

The National Center of Meteorology, NCM, clarified during the meeting that latest developments via weather maps indicated the movement of the extension of the air-pressure system towards the south, therefore its impact on the country is forecasted to be limited as per the latest maps.

The NCM noted chances of the formation of local cumulus clouds, with the possibility of light to moderate rainfall, and chances of heavy rainfall across the Eastern and Northern parts of the country in addition to the city of Al Ain and Al Dhafra region. NCM also noted the remainder of moderate and often active southeast dusty winds.

The NCEMA said that all competent authorities confirmed their full preparedness for all possible scenarios and changes during the meeting, stating the continuity of constant meteorological monitoring of the low-pressure system and ensuring the readiness of all plans and fitness of all teams.

"Concerned authorities have also confirmed that new announcements of all developments related to the weather situation will be shared through all official platforms, calling on the honourable public to obtain information from the official platforms and to deter from spreading rumours,"  the NCEMA added.

The NCEMA has assured the readiness of relevant authorities to deal with the upcoming forecasted weather situation. And, the Ministry of Interiors warned motorists to be careful on the UAE roads.


Earlier, the NCM issued a flood alert, warning residents and motorists to avoid valleys and areas that are prone to flooding and landslides.