File photo of rain in eastern region for illustrative purpose only Image Credit: @storm_ae/Instagram

Dubai: Emirates Health Services (EHS), which was established with the aim of enhancing the efficiency of the federal health sector in the UAE, on Sunday affirmed the readiness of all staff and personnel of ambulances, hospitals and primary healthcare centres in the eastern region to deal with the expected weather changes across the emirates of Fujairah, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah in the coming days.

The unstable weather has been forecasted by the National Centre of Meteorology. EHS said it has reviewed the readiness of all its medical, nursing and technical staff and facilities.

Avoid valleys and rumours

EHS called on all eastern region residents to directly communicate through channels provided by the relevant authorities in case of dangerous situations that require intervention and follow best practices in emergency cases. EHS also calls residents to avoid hazardous areas that could see heavy water flow (because of expected rains), such as valleys.

EHS also urged residents to avoid rumours and false information shared on social media aimed to cause “panic and chaos”, and asking people to refer only to reliable sources represented by state institutions and crisis management teams.

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Readiness for crises

Dr Yousif Mohammed Al Serkal, director-general of EHS, said the comprehensive strategy developed by EHS ensures readiness for crises and emergencies, through proactive plans to deal with climactic and weather conditions. This comes in addition to the emergency planning in place at EHS hospitals and health centers in targeted areas. Furthermore, Al Serkal said that preparations are in place for public engagement to ensure open and continuous communications to provide the necessary care, support and assistance without delay.

He added that EHS has increased the pace of cooperation and communication with various authorities and strengthening mechanisms for exchanging data, facilitate work of all teams, and speed up work efficiency. He emphasised the importance of the pivotal role that the public can contribute in dealing with emergency weather situations, calling all residents of those areas to raise their readiness to implement measures that help spare property damage.