Summer heat in Dubai
People use umbrella to protect themselves from the sun rays. The rise of Al Sheratan coincides with the increase in temperatures and the onset of drier air. Image Credit: GN Archives

Dubai: As the temperature is set to soar above 40°C during the day and humidity levels to drop around 30 per cent, UAE residents can expect the arrival of summer. The Emirates Astronomy Society has announced that Al Sheratan star will rise from the eastern side of the country on May 12, marking the beginning of summer and hot weather dominating the Arabian Peninsula.

The ascent of Al Sheratan is a significant celestial event that has long been recognised by Arabs as a herald of the warmer season.

Ibrahim Al Jarwan, Chairman of the Emirates Astronomy Society, said that the rise of Al Sheratan coincides with the increase in temperatures and the onset of drier air. The Arabian Gulf will calm down, while the Arabian Sea and the northern Indian Ocean will experience turbulence, signalling the start of the tropical activity season.


As the weather changes, the first dates, figs, and mangoes will begin to ripen on the Arabian Peninsula. Additionally, the marine population will increase, making it a prime time for local fishermen to catch barracuda, hamour, shark, and other fish species. However, the seasonal shift also comes with some hazards, such as the emergence of 'Al-Sayora', a strong offshore current, and 'Al Barah', strong and dry northwesterly winds carrying dust and sand, posing risks for swimmers and beachgoers.

The significance of the stars in the Arabian Peninsula has been recognised since ancient times, with the Suhail star being one of the most important celestial markers. The Drour calendar, which divides the year into four main portions representing the seasons, also begins with the Suhail star.