The siblings presenting gifts to a delivery rider Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: A video of an Indian family in the UAE celebrating the mother’s birthday with children gifting food to delivery riders has gone viral.

“It’s a small thing to do, but it’s a big thing to make someone happy,” Haseena Nishad, a Sharjah-based entrepreneur wrote on the Instagram reel video post, adding the hash tag “proud mom.”

The video, first posted on Saturday, has been watched around 150,000 times and received over 13,700 likes. Hundreds of people have commented on the post, appreciating and praising the gesture.

The video begins with a note from Nishad, which says: “This time, my kids wished to celebrate my birthday in a way that brings happiness to us and others alike.”

Nishad wrote that her children prepared gifts, while the visuals showed the kids wrapping the gift boxes carrying the message: “Today is our mom’s birthday. Sharing our happiness with you. Shinas, Hamdan, Hanan and Hezlin.”

“Then we sat together and ordered our very favourite dishes through the food delivery apps,” Nishad said, as the video showed her and her husband Nishad Hussain helping children order food.

As the delivery boys arrived, the children said “it is what we ordered for you on our mother’s birthday” and presented the food packets back to the riders along with the special gifts they prepared.

Happy reactions

Surprise and happiness filled the faces of the delivery boys as they received the unexpected gifts. Some of their reactions were also captured in the video. One of them said it was the first time that something like this happened to him.

“The joy on their faces was incredible…This was the most memorable birthday for me,” Nishad wrote, with a message of thanks to her children and husband. The proud parents were also seen clapping for the kids.

A close-up of a gift by the siblings for the delivery riders Image Credit: Supplied

When contacted, Nishad told Gulf News that the kids surprised around 50 delivery boys from Sharjah and surrounding areas who came to their villa for delivery.

She said her elder children - Shinas Nishad, a seventh-grade student of Sharjah Gems Millennium School; Hanan Amirah, a grade two student in the same school and Hamdan Nishad, a grade five student at Cambridge International School - came up with the idea. They did not leave behind their youngest sibling, two-year-old Hezlin Amirah, in their special mission on their mother’s 33rd birthday.

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Valuable lessons

Nishad said some delivery riders did not believe the gesture at first. “We saw some of their eyes filling up. Some refused to accept it initially as they suspected that it was a prank. Anyhow, we felt so proud and grateful when everyone returned after thanking the children and blessing them. This is something that many of us can do and make someone happy. So, I decided to share the video.”

The family wanted to spread their joy and appreciation through the gesture Image Credit: Supplied

The parents said this helped the children to understand the need to be helpful and kind to fellow human beings. “I am sure they will continue to do such small acts of kindness in future, which really matters in life,” said Nishad.

The couple, who are at the helm of World Star Holdings, were in news earlier for launching special wellness facilities for their workers and for honouring outstanding employees with a taste of luxury life in Dubai with a trip in a Rolls Royce car, a visit to Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab, and two days of luxurious living in a five-star hotel.