His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, reviews plans for the suburb Image Credit: WAM

Sharjah: A series of projects serving all aspects of life in Mahdub suburb of Sharjah were unveiled on Wednesday.

His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, marked a significant moment by laying the foundation stone for a series of comprehensive projects in the suburb.

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Among these projects are the establishment of electricity and gas stations, a water tank, Mahdub Commercial Centre, Police Sports and Cultural Club, Victoria International School, and the Mahdub Government Nursery. Additionally, Sheikh Sultan unveiled plans for the completion of Al Shanof Road, which will stretch from Nazwa Road at Al Qasimia City through Al Suyoh suburb to the Mahdub suburb.

These projects align with Sheikh Sultan’s vision and commitment to furnish all-encompassing educational, commercial, and recreational services, along with robust infrastructure, to enrich the social fabric of families residing in the Mahdub Suburb.

Noteworthy for its natural surroundings of sand, trees, and unique landscapes, the suburb stands as a testament to Sheikh Sultan’s dedication to nurturing thriving communities.

Furthermore, Sheikh Sultan directed the establishment of an additional branch of the Sharjah Coop between the Al Qutaina and Al Shanof areas, ensuring easy access to essential goods for residents. He emphasised the acceleration of project implementation to coincide with the delivery of homes to citizens in the suburb.

In his address, Sheikh Sultan underscored the concerted efforts of government departments, guided by his supervision, to overcome challenges in the development of housing in new areas. He stressed his personal engagement with the people to address their needs and resolve any issues they encounter.

The Mahdub suburb, comprising the Al Qutaina and Al Shanof areas with 6,200 plots of land, holds immense promise. Sheikh Sultan expressed gratitude towards the pristine environment and vowed to uphold its preservation.

Regarding housing support, the Ruler of Sharjah elucidated various financing methods, including government-financed housing and grants, tailored to individual needs.

Recognising past challenges, Sheikh Sultan directed the Housing Department to provide continuous support to grant recipients, ensuring their successful integration into their new homes.

He also emphasised the importance of residential complexes, equipped with all necessary amenities, and encouraged citizen involvement in construction projects under the guidance of the Housing Department to optimise resources and expertise.

Sheikh Sultan explained that residential complexes are ready-to-move-in residences that include all needs, such as bedrooms, family areas, and outdoor spaces for the comfort of families with their children.

He also directed citizens who wish to build and construct their homes, in coordination with the Housing Department, to follow up on the construction, establishment and design processes in order to benefit from their experience and presence in serving citizens, and to prevent wasting financial resources without experience in these fields.

The Ruler of Sharjah outlined the swift endeavours underway to furnish comprehensive services in the Mahdub suburb even before its first residents arrive. This includes vital infrastructure connections to main roads, ensuring access to essential services such as electricity, water, and natural gas, as well as the establishment of educational facilities, childcare nurseries and schools as well as a sizable commercial hub catering to the needs of the community. Additionally, a branch of the Sharjah Cooperative Society will be situated close to residential areas, offering easy access to basic food supplies, while a medical clinic will provide healthcare services to the suburb’s inhabitants.

Sheikh Sultan emphasised that Mahdub will not only be nearby but also promising, with all necessary amenities readily available. He expressed confidence in laying the foundation for further housing developments in the near future.

He concluded by noting that work is being carried out according to plans drawn up in all regions of the emirate to meet all the needs of citizens for decent living, education and scholarships for students to the highest levels, which provides everything that will guarantee the future according to the highest requirements and services.

The Ruler of Sharjah viewed a presentation detailing the progress of infrastructure projects in the Mahdub suburb, totalling Dh1.1 billion. The film showcased the natural gas network expansion, encompassing the extension of the main line network, installation of gas services to all residential plots, and the construction of a new pumping station.

In addition, the electricity initiatives featured the Al Shanof power transmission station, boasting a capacity of 33/220 kilovolts, alongside the design of the distribution network and the completion of street lighting. Water projects were also highlighted, with approximately 355 kilometres of main internal water lines and a water tank project with a capacity of 20 million gallons, complete with a pumping station.

He observed several models depicting the water, electricity, and gas distribution networks in the area, alongside a representation of the upcoming power station to be built in Mahdub.

He attentively listened to a comprehensive explanation detailing the features and functionalities of these systems, gaining insights into their future implementation.

Sheikh Sultan scrutinised the designs of the projects for which he ceremoniously laid the foundation stone, acquainting himself with the particulars of their contents and facilities.

The Mahdub Commercial Centre, spanning an expansive 26,850 square metres, will feature the Sharjah Cooperative Society occupying 8,000 square metres, alongside commercial units covering 18,000 square meters, and assorted kiosks.

The Police Sports and Cultural Club facility, situated on a sprawling 138,700 square metre plot, will comprise a cluster of buildings tailored to foster an environment conducive to sports and cultural activities. These structures will house state-of-the-art facilities including playgrounds, halls, and specialised training rooms designed to cater to the diverse sporting needs of police personnel. This initiative aims to elevate physical fitness levels, hone sports proficiency, and optimise time investment, while fostering camaraderie among members of the police force.

Victoria International School, which is located on a total area of 103,790 square metres, will include an administrative building, the medical centre, a kindergarten and first-grade building, a classroom building for grades two to six, in addition to a sports complex and theatre building, providing the residents of the Mahdub suburb with an educational edifice distinguished by its educational level and high quality school facilities.

The Mahdub Government Nursery, occupying a land area of 31,400 square metres, is designed to cater to 180 children from the Mahdub neighbourhood. This facility will offer a nurturing educational and recreational environment, ensuring the essential care and development of children during their formative years. It aims to enrich their early experiences, fostering the acquisition of fundamental skills crucial for their future endeavours.

The Al Shanof Road project stretches from Nazwa Road, commencing at Al Qasimia City, to the recently constructed road within the Mahdub suburb. It traverses through the Al Suyouh suburb, intersecting with key thoroughfares including Mleiha Road, Khorfakkan Road, and Al Dhaid Road. Additionally, it connects to the Emirates Bypass Road from the western side. Spanning around 8km, this vital roadway serves as a crucial link between the Mahdub suburb and significant areas across the emirate.