Residents can apply for the service through the WhatsApp number 800900 (+971800900) Image Credit: X/@DMunicipality

Dubai: Dubai residents wishing to dispose of bulk waste, such as rain-damaged furniture and home appliances after last week’s record downpours, can seek a WhatsApp service from Dubai Municipality.

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The civic body on Sunday said that residents can “dispose of residual or bulk waste, such as home furniture and electrical or electronic waste, at designated areas across Dubai via our WhatsApp channel”.

Dubai Municipality added that more information can be taken from its website. According to the website, the service is provided in various areas of Dubai, except for some zones such as The Palm and Discovery Gardens.

What is bulk waste?

Examples of items that may be considered bulk waste include old furniture (such as sofas, mattresses, and tables), large appliances (such as refrigerators, washing machines, and water heaters), and electronic waste (such as televisions and computers). Proper disposal of bulk waste helps to prevent environmental pollution, conserves landfill space, and promotes responsible waste management practices within communities.

How to apply

• As per the municipality’s social media post, residents can apply for the service through its WhatsApp number 800900 (+971800900).

• Applicants will receive a phone call from a Dubai Municipality employee to schedule an appointment for the bulk waste collection within three days from the application receipt date.

• They will also receive an SMS after bulk waste collection is completed.

Why is it important?

The civic body has been offering bulky waste collection for collecting large items or materials that cannot be disposed of through regular waste collection methods due to their size or weight.

This service is aimed at removing bulky items from households or businesses in a safe and efficient manner.