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Dubai: A woman who had a dispute with a valet parking worker drove off with the man still sitting on the car’s bonnet, Dubai Police said on Tuesday. Colonel Faisal Al Qasim, Director of Security Media at Dubai Police, said that a video went viral of a man sitting on the car’s bonnet at an intersection in Dubai. The man refused to get off the car’s bonnet, while the female driver drove off forcing him to jump off the car.

“We summoned the man and the woman to the police station,” said Al Qasim. “The valet parking worker from a nearby hotel claimed that he tried to prevent the woman from leaving after a dispute over the parking ticket.

“He said that she gave him a parking ticket for another car, while the woman said that she paid the fee and gave him the correct parking ticket.”

Dubai Police said that the man endangered his life and that of other road users with his behaviour.

“It was a financial dispute between the Arab national man and the woman over the parking fees,” Al Qasim added.

“It is strange behaviour from the two people and it was documented by another driver who was in the same location.”

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The video showed a man sitting on a Kia’s bonnet while it was at traffic signal in front of Dubai Holding on Jumeirah Road.

The woman tried to move the car despite the man being on the bonnet and he fell to the ground.

He then stopped in front of the car and jumped on the bonnet again before the woman drove away.

It is not yet clear what charges the pair will face.

Dubai Police also warned the public against recording incidents without permission.

“It is a breach of privacy for others and punishable by law,” added Al Qasim.