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Dubai: A British woman who called her husband’s new wife a horse on Facebook was fined Dh3,000 by the Dubai Misdemeanour Court on Thursday.

The 55-year-old was charged with using the internet to insult the Tunisian woman.

According to court records, the Tunisian woman filed a complaint at Jebel Ali Police station on May 22, 2017, regarding the online insult.

When the British woman, originally from Iran, discovered that her ex-husband had re-married after seeing photos of the couple on Facebook, she posted the comments in her native Farsi language, branding him an “idiot” and his new wife a “horse”.

The woman’s Portuguese ex-husband passed away recently, so the accused came to Dubai with her daughter last month for the funeral. When she arrived in the emirate for the funeral, she realised there was a pending case against her.

She pleaded not guilty in her first court appearance on April 4, but on Thursday, she was fined Dh3,000. The victim’s lawyers asked for a delay in the payments to pursue a civil case, while the defendant’s lawyer told the judge that her client needed a delay to reach a settlement with the victim to waive her case.

The judge delayed the case until the end of the day and later found the defendant guilty and ordered her to pay the Dh3,000 fine.

The primary ruling remains subject to appeal in 15 days.