220518 sandstorm
People cover their faces during a sandstorm in Dubai on Tuesday Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: With winds kicking up a dust storm across the region, Dubai Municipality on Tuesday issued public safety tips for residents.

Taking to Twitter, the civic body urged residents to follow the tips. “To avoid current weather fluctuations and heavy wind risks in the region, follow #DubaiMunicipality’s public safety tips to keep you safe when the wind blows,” it said.

With dusty conditions engulfing most parts of the UAE since Tuesday night, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), has issued yellow, amber and red alerts to warn residents about the dusty conditions.

The safety tips shared by the municipality are measures to prevent injuries from flying or falling objects due to heavy winds and to prevent dust from entering homes and workplaces.

Top tips

• Avoid walking next to trees, under-construction sites, and temporary fences

• Fix your outdoor furniture tightly to the ground and remove flammable objects until stable weather conditions

• Remove any tools, equipment or belongings from the balconies

• Close doors and windows to prevent dust from entering [homes and workplaces]