Pakistan Children
Pakistani children dressed in traditional dresses representing different regions of their country, presented national songs on the occasion of the Pakistan National Day celebrations at the Pakistan Embassy in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday.

Dubai: Overseas Pakistanis in the UAE have been hailed for standing by their country and playing their role in the economic development.

“We admire the contribution of overseas Pakistanis in the UAE who are playing a great role in ensuring progress of their country and prosperity of fellow Pakistanis back home through remittances,” said Pakistan Ambassador Afzaal Mahmood while speaking at flag hoisting event held at the Embassy in Abu Dhabi to mark the 82nd National Day of Pakistan on Wednesday.

Pakistani schoolchildren dressed in white and green national flag colours also presented national songs at the event. Various Pakistani community groups have also organised events across the UAE to celebrate their National Day. Only limited numbers of community members were invited to the event despite lifting of COVID-19 restrictions.

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Socio-economic progress

Messages of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Dr Arif Alvi were also read on the occasion.

“It is a basic national obligation for all of us to stand united, disciplined and committed to face any challenge that comes in our way to socio-economic progress. Our team in the Embassy and Consulate General are ready to work closely with fellow Pakistanis in the UAE to protect and promote the interest of our beloved Country,” he added.

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Effective bridge

Ambassador Mahmood also appeal to all Pakistanis in the UAE to demonstrate utmost responsibility and commitment towards development of UAE while serving their own country.

“We consider Overseas Pakistanis an effective bridge between our two brotherly countries and a source of pride for us. I encourage them to educate both sides on the potential for trade, investment and tourism cooperation, which can be explored and exploited in our mutual interest. On our part, we would continue to intensify cooperation with the UAE through closer Government-to-Government and people-to-people contacts,” he added.

Meanwhile, Consul General Hassan Afzal Khan hoisted the flag to mark the National Day at a ceremony at the Consulate General in Dubai. Speaking on the occasion, Consul General Khan said urged that 1.6m Pakistanis in the UAE — the second largest expatriate community outside Pakistan — have contributed immensely through their hard work and commitment to the development of Pakistan and the UAE.

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What is Pakistan National Day

Delving on the significance of Pakistan Day, Consul General Ali said: “Today marks the 82nd Pakistan Day. It was on this historic day that Muslims of the subcontinent under visionary leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah adopted the ‘Pakistan Resolution’ at Lahore on March 23, 1940. Today, we pay tribute to our forefathers for their struggles and sacrifices in creation of our beautiful homeland.”

He urged the Pakistani community to contribute collectively towards the well-being and prosperity of Pakistan and the UAE.

“On the occasion of Pakistan Day, I wish to convey my heartfelt congratulations to my fellow countrymen living in the UAE,” he added.

Pakistan Consul general
Pakistan Consul General in Dubai Hasan Afzal Khan hoisting the flag to mark the 82dn Pakistan National Day at the Consulate in Dubai on Wednesday Image Credit:

Consul General Khan said: “The expatriate community is not only sending precious remittances back home, but are also contributing immensely to the development of their host country. The presence of 1.6 million Pakistanis living in the UAE is a manifestation of the people oriented relationship between the two countries. I urge the Pakistani community in the UAE to continue to work with the same commitment and hard work.”

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Out top priority

“I also avail this opportunity to assure all Pakistanis living in Dubai and Northern Emirates that community welfare and service is the top priority of Government of Pakistan. We at the Consulate General of Pakistan, Dubai continuously strive to improve public service delivery. Several measures have been introduced and more community friendly initiatives will be taken to enhance outreach and facilitation with all Pakistanis in Dubai and Northern Emirates.

“I assure that Pakistan Consulate General in Dubai will continue to work for the betterment of our community and keep the flag flying high of our beloved country.”