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The mother and child with Dubai Civil Defence officials. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Filipina in Dubai, who delivered her newborn baby during a minor fire at a hospital, thanked Dubai’s firefighters for their efforts during the evacuation.

A team of Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) visited the Filipina woman’s house to check on her condition after a minor fire broke out at Aster Private Hospital at Mankhool area on September 28 this year. The Dubai Civil Defence authorities said that firefighters from Al Karama fire station, went to the hospital six minutes after receiving the emergency call at 8.27pm. Officials said it was a minor fire and was brought under control within 10 minutes.

Major Saeed Mohammad Al Mazroui, director of Al Karama fire station with other firefighters visited the mother to check on her health and the baby.

According to DCD, the mother was delivering her baby when the fire broke out at the operations room. During the evacuation of the patients and the medical staff, the mother was also evacuated with her baby with all precautionary and safety measures by the firefighters and the nursing team at the hospital. “I’m very thankful to Dubai Civil Defence because they came to my house and wanted to see me and my baby. Thank you so much,” the woman said.

Safety initiative

The visit is part of initiative called ‘Your Safety is Our Priority’, which launched by DCD to look after the families after fire incidents and rescue operations. “These field visits are part of Dubai Civil Defence’s community role to boost their happiness. We are looking to community partnerships and spread the safety culture among the society,” Maj Al Mazroui said.

According to DCD, the fire happened due to electricity glitch in the electricity room in the hospital.

Marry Ann 34, told Gulf News, that she was preparing to deliver her baby when the fire broke out. “I was in the room for 15 minutes when the fire happened. Firefighters evacuated all the patients and asked them to go outside the hospital. They came to me and calmed me down, saying things will be fine,” Marry Ann told Gulf News.

Mother Mary Ann and her baby Kaitlin Maze. Image Credit: Supplied

She said that a group of eight firefighters and medical staff pushed her bed all the way outside the building and took her to a neighbouring building, also belonging to Aster Hospital, to continue the delivery process. “It was as if I was in the middle of an action movie. I only remember them pushing my bed with my husband to the second building. They kept telling me that everything will be okay and I wasn’t afraid.”

Ann, who has another daughter, 13, praised the massive efforts of DCD and medical staff at Aster Hospital to deliver her newborn baby Kaitlin Maze, normally and safely despite the emergency situation. “I’m so thankful for them for their exceptional efforts. I’m in the UAE for eight years and will never forget that day,” she added.