Mahesh Shahdadpuri, Founder & CEO, TASC, during the launch of the
Mahesh Shahdadpuri, Founder & CEO, TASC, during the launch of the "Falek Tayyeb" the platform and app exclusively gears towards Emiratisation. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: UAE’s first job search platform and app exclusively for Emiratis will be launched soon to help accelerate Emiratisation.

Aimed at connecting Emirati talent with job opportunities, the launching of the “Falek Tayyeb” platform was announced by TASC Outsourcing, a staffing and HR solutions specialist, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

Using digital technology, the move seeks to creat opportunities, impact the lives of both Emirati candidates and organisations to align Emiratisation goals with professional growth and job actualisation.


A recent survey conducted by TASC encompassing over 500+ Emiratis revealed that about 77 per cent of the respondents preferred job portals and sites as a channel for employment search. While 5% for each mentioned company website and recruitment agencies; the survey helped observe the need for an innovative job search platform that will bridge the gap between job seekers and available job opportunities for Emiratis.

Falek Tayyeb has been conceptualised to transform the job-hunt journey for Emiratis while being committed to uplifting UAE nationals and contributing to the Emiratisation vision of the UAE government.

The survey further highlighted the rise in dissatisfaction with current salaries indicating a significant divide between Emirati job seekers and current job opportunities.

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Closing the gap

Aiming to close this gap, Falek Tayyeb is geared towards offering a comprehensive solution that benefits multiple stakeholders; Emirati candidates, businesses in the UAE and the UAE government.

Speaking at the launch Mahesh Shahdadpuri (Founder & CEO, TASC) said; “With Falek Tayyeb we’re a step closer to fulfilling our promise to UAE nationals and helping them connect with their dream jobs in their own country.

“This dedicated job search platform will offer an exclusive channel to enter the UAE’s dynamic work environment. With that said, Falek Tayyeb will also offer upskilling opportunities where Emirati candidates can enhance their skills and enable personal growth.

“The UAE has been a global commercial hub that helped millions of job seekers from around the world thrive together. It was time we took the lead, and created the first-ever platform and application, a dedicated, reliable source of recruiting locals for organisations, and job search

for Emiratis which is successfully aligned with the UAE government’s Emiratisation goals.”

Simplifying process

While actively highlighting and promoting job opportunities tailored for UAE nationals, the app will also provide resources and support to Emiratis to enhance their skill sets.

By simplifying the job search process for Emirati professionals, the app ensures that candidates discover and apply for roles aligned with their aspirations and skills. Falek Tayyeb also provides organizations the unique opportunity to showcase their Emirati job openings making it easier to connect with local talent. Built to accommodate the Emirati talent pool across industries, the app intelligently streamlines recruitment processes for quicker and accurate fulfilment of vacancies for Emiratis.

Abbas Ali, Chief Growth Officer at TASC said; “Falek Tayyeb is proud to be aligned with The NAFIS Program. With a focus on ensuring all Emirati talents are understood and supported, the platform will connect the right Emirati candidates with the right jobs in the UAE. By empowering Emirati professionals and facilitating their career growth, we aim to foster a brighter and more prosperous future for all.”


TASC has also made Falek Tayyeb a simple and easy platform with a user-friendly interface and application process. By simply registering on the app, users can embark on a transformative job hunt journey to explore openings that match their qualifications, skills, aspirations, and career goals.

The platform is integrated with ChatGPT, which will also help create and update CVs to showcase and highlight relevant details.

With application submissions, interviews, shortlisting to background checks, salary negotiations, and onboarding; Falek Tayyeb is set to redefine job search for Emiratis and organisations in the UAE.