Abu Dhabi: The Emirati student who went missing in California, was admitted to a hospital with a nervous breakdown after he was detained by security authorities and subjected to harsh and intense interrogation at Los Angeles airport, Gulf News has learnt.

A source close to the family of the student, Majid Khalid Shuhail, told Gulf News that he was returning to the UAE via Los Angeles airport in California where he was seized by security authorities as he was late to board the plane, despite repeated calls for boarding.

"Cruel investigative procedures were used on the 19 year old by airport security authorities who ordered that his trip be postponed and his luggage be taken off the plane," the source said.

Not intentional

Interrogators found that the student was in the US legally and had not violated any laws, the source said.

They also discovered that his delay was not intentional, he just did not pay attention to the calls for boarding.

The family thanked officials at the UAE Foreign Ministry and the UAE Embassy in Washington for their efforts to ensure the safety of the student.

The UAE Embassy in Washington DC had announced late on Friday that US police had found Majid in a hospital.

Majid went missing from Los Angeles airport ten days ago. Majid, a Sharjah resident, had travelled to the US to complete his studies.