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UAE residents are furious. And they took to Twitter to express their anger against people who were refusing to practise social distancing and still using beaches amid the country's fight against the spread of the novel coronavirus, earlier today.

On Friday, following a Gulf News tweet about some deserted Dubai roads, Twitter user @NadaAlZarooni pointed out that Jumeirah beach and Jumeirah road still seemed packed. Gulf News re-tweeted her and wrote: "Unfortunately, people on Friday took to the beaches in Dubai while they should feel responsible by avoiding gathering and exercise social distancing."

Replies poured in immediately with residents saying it was selfish to not follow self-distancing and isolation when the country is aggressively fighting the spread of Covid-19 and has requested people to follow social distancing.

Sheikh Haitham bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Deputy Chief of the Sharjah Ruler's Office in Kalba (@HaithamAlQasimi) also tweeted: "When the health of society and the country is weighed down by the fun and disdain of some, there is a point that must be stopped and red lines that cannot be crossed... Stop them alone. The videos that appeared yesterday are an ugly challenge."

Tweep @abhimanyumoitra posted: "People should understand, only department and the government can't stop Coronavirus. We should stand together and stay at home... UAE is doing far better than any other nation to prevent this deadly virus. Save urself and save mankind."

And, @PortMoresby2 replied: "These people should take a look at what is happening in Italy. They are completely irresponsible. Kite beach was overcrowded with groups of people playing on the beach and exercising literally just a few inches away from each other, using the same equipment."

Another user, @goumbook tweeted a picture of warning boards that have been installed at Dubai beaches asking people to avoid gathering in huge groups and to maintain a safe distance.

Despite this, people were seen gathering in large numbers on the beach. Tweep @mrsC_2012 replied: "Sadly not everybody is a law-abiding citizen and follows the rule. Best is to stay home. After all, it is for the greater good and temporary...."

According to an official of the World Health Organisation, UAE is playing an essential role in the world's fight against the Covid-19. The country has taken many measures to control the spread.

The Dubai Municipality (DM) started a massive 11-day sterilisation campaign in the early hours of Saturday, in a mission that will cover at least 95 roads across the city. Residents have been advised to keep off the streets during the disinfection drive.

The virus, which originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December last year, has so far affected 140 people in the UAE, with 27 reported new cases on Thursday, while 31 patients have fully recovered.

The UAE government has also urged people to observe proper hygiene and practice social distancing to avoid contracting the disease.

Other readers who spoke to Gulf News felt that residents not practising social distancing were jeopardising the entire country with their "irresponsible decisions". And they urged everybody to pay heed to the measures taken by the UAE authorities.

Irina Evans said: "Residents need to understand that this country is their home, and all the 200+ nationalities are all part of that. We need to be socially responsible. We need to practise social distancing, stay away from public places as much as possible, especially beaches, etc. We need to do our bit, the UAE government is doing its best."

Rahul Rao agreed. "We have to help, it is not just the responsibility of the authorities. All of us have to come together, and practise social distancing."

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