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Yusuffali MA, CMD, Lulu Group

Yusuffali MA

This is indeed a very proud moment as we are celebrating the 77th anniversary of our independence. On this glorious occasion, let me wish all my brothers and sisters a very happy Independence Day. Under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India is strengthening its position as one of the leading nations in the world. On this important day, let us also rededicate ourselves to work together for the continued progress and prosperity of our country.

Adeeb Ahamed, Managing Director, LuLu Financial Holdings

Adeeb Ahamed

My warmest greetings to fellow Indians across the world on the occasion of our Independence Day. As an Indian, it is a proud moment to witness how far we have come and the respect we command today as one of the world’s foremost economies.

India’s digital revolution stands as a crowning achievement of our growth, and every Indian has contributed to making this dream a reality. We are quite upbeat about India’s digital economy and have been making steady investments into its financial services sector. We will be building upon our existing investments in microfinance, banknotes and currency exchange, as we look to expand our footprint and open new branches of our NBFC LuLu Finserv and LuLu Forex in diverse locations across India.

As the Chair of FICCI Middle East, I share in the passion and enthusiasm to promote trade ties between these two great nations. Through constant stakeholder engagement, networking and knowledge sharing, I foresee opportunities for growth in traditional and modern sectors.

Shamlal Ahamed, Managing Director, International Operations, Malabar Gold & Diamonds

Shamlal Ahamed

My heartfelt Independence Day wishes to Indians across the UAE! As we celebrate our 77th year of Independence, let’s promise to always remember the contributions of our ancestors and consistently work towards enhancing our nation’s position on the world platform as devoted and responsible citizens of a remarkable country.

Rizwan Sajan, Founder & Chairman, Danube

Rizwan Sajan

India’s recent GDP growth exceeding 7 per cent signals its trajectory towards a momentous milestone − a $5 trillion economy. Having outpaced numerous Western industrial nations, India’s ascendancy is evident by its dominance among the Group of seven largest economies (G7), while also charting a course to become the world’s third-largest economy, trailing only the United States and China. Celebrating its 77th year of independence, India stands as a formidable global economic entity. Yet, it’s the nation’s human capital that shines as the ultimate asset, cultivated for the international marketplace. Indian professionals now showcase their prowess in leadership in major global corporations, notably helming prestigious roles such as CEOs of Microsoft, Google, and the World Bank.

This Independence Day, let us revel in the pride of our nation’s achievements, embracing the remarkable journey that lies ahead for India.

Harish Tahiliani, Managing Director, Arab India Spices

Harish Tahiliani

It has been 77 years since our independence and I am proud of the growth that India has achieved. In the last 15 years we have progressed more than any other nation and have built us to be called a superpower. Today, the world is leaning to invest in our economy and I am proud of it. I would request everyone to please put the effort and contribute towards helping our nation reach new heights – a symbol of prosperity, happiness and unitedness. Happy Independence Day!

Dr Dhananjay Datar, Chairman & Managing Director, Adil Group

Dr Dhananjay Datar

As an integral part of the UAE-based Indian community, my heartfelt message for Independence Day is one of unity, pride, and progress. India’s journey is a testament to its resilience and diversity. I am actively exploring investment opportunities that align with my vision for growth and innovation. I am committed to fostering closer economic cooperation, leveraging my expertise to create mutually beneficial partnerships. As we approach the G20 Summit hosted by India, my plans involve advocating for sustainable business practices and inclusive growth, contributing to discussions that shape a brighter future for both nations. Together, let’s celebrate India’s achievements and work towards a prosperous future.

Joy Alukkas, Chairman, Joyalukkas Group

Joy Alukkas

On the occasion of India’s 77th Independence anniversary, I am proud to see India on the path to become a global powerhouse as it’s economy has shown resilience compared to the scenario worldwide. On this Independence Day, I pray that this strength of our great nation grows everyday and may we become one of the most successful and peaceful nations in the world. Happy Independence Day!

Eugene Mayne, Group CEO, Tristar

Eugene Mayne

With greetings to everyone, I would like to address the Indian residents of the UAE and highlight the distinct advantage we enjoy with two places to call home, two sets of families and friends, and two nations to be extremely proud about. This day should serve as a reminder to share our double set of blessings – as often and as best as we can – with those who have never experienced social or financial independence.

The G20 is a platform for collective action. The UAE’s participation in the G20 trade and investment track is a sterling example of transnational cooperation and consensus on critical issues that are impacting global trade.

Tristar maintains responsible stewardship in all the global energy markets we operate in, but we have keen interest in the clean energy sector – an approach that the UAE is already exemplifying in India, and at an international level. As an example, Tristar recently signed a joint development agreement (JDA) with India’s KPI Group, to explore renewables for wind, solar, green hydrogen, and green ammonia projects in the Middle East.

Faizal E. Kottikollon, Founder & Chairman, KEF Holdings

As we mark another year of India’s independence, we honor the legacy of courage and determination that has brought us this far. Our shared values of perseverance, innovation, and unity have been the driving forces behind our progress.

Faizal E. Kottikollon

Our upcoming venture, Tulah, a pioneering clinical wellness retreat, is set to span 28 acres in the beautiful landscape of Kerala. This strategic move not only reinforces our commitment to promoting wellness and sustainable tourism but also aligns with our goal of contributing to the Indian economy.

As the Chairman of the UAE-India Business Council (UIBC), my foremost aim is to foster stronger ties between our two nations. Through strategic collaborations, investment promotion, and the facilitation of business partnerships, the UIBC seeks to create a platform where both the UAE and India can capitalize on each other’s strengths.

Dr Sathya Menon, CEO, Blue Ocean

As we celebrate our 77th Independence Day, I would like to extend my warm wishes to every Indian across the globe. Let us stand united and work in harmony to solidify India’s position as a global leadership icon.

Dr Sathya Menon

Blue Ocean has ambitious expansion plans in the Indian market, setting up operations in several Indian cities. Currently, we have established offices in New Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, and Kochi. We have plans to scale up our services in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai in the future. Our vision is to set up 25 offices across India by 2025. The UAE-India bilateral ties offer an optimistic future for NRI investors based in the UAE.

Dr Shareef Abdul Khader, Chairman & Managing Director, ABC Cargo

Dr Shareef Abdul Khader

On Independence Day, I extend my warmest wishes to the vibrant Indian community. We must continue to work together to build a brighter and prosperous future for India.

As a UAE-based Indian expat, I am constantly exploring investment opportunities in India. I am keen on investing in initiatives that align with sustainable development goals and have the potential to create a positive impact on the society.

Promoting stronger bilateral trade ties between the UAE and India is crucial for fostering economic growth and cooperation. I plan to leverage my network and expertise to facilitate cross-border collaborations between businesses in both countries.

The G20 Summit in 2023 presents a remarkable opportunity for India to showcase its global leadership and foster meaningful dialogues on pressing issues. As an active participant in the business sector, I am looking forward to contributing to the discussions on sustainable development, innovation, and inclusive growth.

Dr K.P. Hussain, Chairman and CEO, FMC Healthcare Group

Dr K.P. Hussain

India has advanced rapidly in the last one decade and made its mark in the areas of technology, defence, education and healthcare. India’s journey of development and progress is palpable in every city across the nation. Drawing on my 30 years of experience in the socio-economic development of India, I feel that the nation’s progress is intricately linked to the brilliance and innovation of its people. My humble request to every Indian is to uphold the values and culture of India. The spirit of India is its unifying force. On Independence Day, let’s all celebrate that unique spirit as well as the remarkable growth and achievements that define its journey.

Pradeep Mishra, Resident Manager at LIC International, Dubai

Pradeep Mishra

On the momentous occasion of India’s 77th Independence Day, I extend my warmest greetings and heartfelt wishes to the readers of Gulf News. This day holds great significance in our nation’s history, evoking feelings of pride, patriotism, and profound gratitude for the sacrifices of our freedom fighters.

LIC International’s focus is primarily on offering life insurance and investment-linked insurance plans. LIC has been offering insurance and financial services tailored to the needs of both Indian and the UAE customers. This would help facilitate trade and investments by providing financial security and risk management solutions.

The G20 Summit in 2023 presents a significant opportunity for India to assert its presence on the global stage and contribute to shaping the global economic agenda.

Priyanka Singh, Recruitment Head, MBR Recruitment

Priyanka Singh

At MBR Recruitment, we recognise that each individual is a cornerstone of progress. Just as our nation’s journey has been shaped by diverse voices and talents, so does the corporate landscape which flourishes when we harness the potential of every individual. As we commemorate Independence Day, we reaffirm our commitment to connecting talented individuals with opportunities that align with their aspirations and skills.

Our investment plans align with empowering human capital. We believe that nurturing talent is akin to investing in the nation’s future. We partner with individuals seeking their own professional independence, assisting them in finding roles that not only match their skill sets but also provide a platform for growth. This approach not only benefits the individual but also contributes to the overall economic development of India.Together, let us march towards a future where aspirations are met, talents are nurtured, and both the UAE and India stand united in their pursuit of excellence. Happy Independence Day!

Nitesh Gupta and Ankit Gupta, Directors, Metworld Group

Nitesh Gupta and Ankit Gupta

On Independence Day, we honour the sacrifices of our forefathers who envisaged a free India. India’s strength lies in its diversity — a blend of cultures and languages. India is a vibrant economy, providing plenty of business opportunities. We are looking to strengthen our bond with the country and expand our business footprints. We are always upbeat about its growth prospects.

India and the UAE share ties which are deep rooted. In the realm of UAE-India bilateral trade, we envision our roles as a bridge, enhancing connectivity and facilitating seamless communication between businesses, policymakers, and stakeholders from both nations. Offering insights on market trends, investment opportunities, and regulatory changes, we empower people make informed decisions.

Sami Syed, CEO, Phoenix Group

Sami Syed

I am wishing all my fellow Indians Happy Independence Day! Let’s continue our legacy of dedication and creativity, and inspire our youth to achieve even greater heights.

Post-Covid, the UAE’s rapid growth has driven us to invest in two advanced robotics factories in Mumbai, enhancing our product supply and creating more job opportunities. I am happy to contribute to the UAE-India ties through our Mumbai-based robotics factories. Our trade benefits both nations, meeting the UAE’s needs and boosting India’s growth, highlighting our shared aspirations.

Syam P Prabhu, Founder & Managing Director, Aurion

Syam P Prabhu

The UAE-India bilateral ties date back to the decades long trade relations, business investments, and trust between the two countries. The recently signed Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) is a result of the long-lasting trade relations and a special bond that is shared between the UAE and India.

Aurion being a top-notch business consultant in the UAE aims to be a part of the UAE-India bilateral trade ties and advance the relations forward through the way of foreign direct investments from India to the UAE. In terms of investment plans in India, Aurion is exploring the possibilities of offering franchises in all metro cities in India.

There is immense potential for Indian businesses to establish and grow their market in the UAE. Similarly, UAE businesses can expand their business to India and reach a wide audience base of more than 1.2 billion population. Aurion plays a substantial role in facilitating businesses to establish their base in the UAE as well as in India through our expert business consultants and legal associates in both the countries. Wishing Happy Independence Day to all Indians in the UAE and all over the world!