The Burj Khalifa is Dubai's most recognized Guinness World Records holder
The Burj Khalifa is Dubai's most recognized Guinness World Records holder Image Credit: Stock image

Breaking and setting new world records is the UAE's favourite pastime, some might think, given the world records that the UAE holds. On the occassion of the UAE's 48th National Day, we put together a list of 48 known and not-so-well-known world records, with the latest ones first.

1. The UAE’s ‘Flowers of Tolerance’

November 22, 2019

The UAE’s ‘Flowers of Tolerance’ is the latest to enter the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest natural flower carpet, beating the existing record set by Italy. The flower carpet laid out in Italy in 2016 was 3980.84sqm. The Flowers of Tolerance flower carpet set the new record at 5,426.65 square metres.

Thousands of UAE residents together laid out the giant flower carpet celebrating the UAE’s tolerance at Dubai Festival City on Friday.

2. Most people wrapped as mummies in three minutes

November 1, 2019

The most people wrapped as mummies in three minutes is 52 and was achieved by WAFI at WAFI, Dubai on November 1, 2019.

There were 74 mummies, 22 of which were disqualified for not being wrapped according to the guidelines.

3. Largest hand-knitted blanket (non-crochet)

September 13, 2019

The largest hand-knitted blanket (non-crochet) is 3,952.21 square metres and was achieved by a group of UAE residents led by Kanika Kapur, an Indian expat in Dubai on September 13, 2019.

This giant blanket will be later cut into several parts and sent to orphanages around the world.

4. Biggest picture frame

May, 2019

A view of Dubai Frame Image Credit: Sankha Kar/Gulf News

The Dubai Frame, stands tall at 150 metres (492 feet). It took nearly ten years of planning before being unveiled just this year. The project that cost an astounding Dh320 million is a tourist hotspot. With a museum showcasing the rapid development of the city from a desert to a metropolitan hub, visitors can view older, historical spots from the city’s past on one side and modern landmarks on the other.

5. Largest Christmas bauble ornament

December 19, 2018

Largest Christmas Bauble
Largest Christmas Bauble Image Credit: Guinness Book of World Records

T'was really a jolly season for The Dubai Mall (Emaar Malls) when they set the world record for the largest Christmas bauble ornament around Christmas in 2018. It was 4.68 metres in diameter and weighed 1,100 kilograms.

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6. Largest human image of a coffee pot

December 06, 2018

Largest human image of a coffee pot
Largest human image of a coffee pot Image Credit: Guinness Book of World Records

the UAE loves coffee, and the serving of traditional Arabic coffee (gahwa) is a social ritual. So, a coffee related world record sould not come as a surprise. In 2018, 5,403 participants of the India International School, in Sharjah, came together to make the largest human image of a coffee pot. The image represented a tilted dallah coffee pot.

7. Most dominoes toppled in a circle field

December 01, 2018

The most dominoes toppled in a circle field is 89,995 and was achieved by Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi on 1 December 2018. It formed the 'Year of Zayed' 2018 logo.

This attempt beat the previous record by nearly 14,000 dominoes.

8. Largest quilling paper mosaic (logo)

September 09, 2018

Largest quilling paper mosaic (logo)
Largest quilling paper mosaic (logo) Image Credit: Guinness Book of World Records

The Year of Zayed appeared in more than one world record attempts in 2018. This time 532 students got together to make the largest quilling paper mosaic (logo). It measured 30.51square metres and was achieved by United Arab Emirates University, in Al Ain, UAE, on September 9, 2018. They created the mosaic over a period of six months, using 276,800 stripes of quilling paper.

9. Largest jigsaw puzzle

July 07, 2018

Largest Jigsaw Puzzle
Largest Jigsaw Puzzle Image Credit: Guinness Book of World Records

The largest jigsaw puzzle measures, too, featured the logo. The feat was achieved by Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) in Dubai on July 7, 2018. The puzzle contained 12,320 pieces.

10. Largest umbrella / parasol

March 24, 2018

Largest umbrella, world record
Largest umbrella, world record Image Credit: Guinness Book of World Records

The largest umbrella/parasol is 24.5m in diameter and was created by Khalifa Empowerment Program - Aqdar (UAE) in Abu Dhabi on March 24, 2018. It was 15.22m high, and was created to celebrate Emirates Happiness Events.

11. Most circle wheelies on a motorcycle in one minute

March 24, 2018

The most circle wheelies on a motorcycle in one minute is 36 and was achieved by Šarūnas Kezys of Lithuania during RAK Road Riders in association with Ras Al Khaimah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in Ras Al Khaimah on March, 2018. Three riders were allowed an attempt at this record but only one exceeded the minimum.

12. Largest notebook mosaic (logo)

March 21, 2018

The largest notebook mosaic (logo) measures 702.82 square metres and was achieved by Abu Dhabi University and Knowledge Group, in Abu Dhabi on March 21, 2018.

13. Longest zipline

January 31, 2018

The longest zip wire is Jebel Jais Flight, measuring a single unbroken span of 2,831.88m, achieved by Toro Verde and Ras al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority. It is located at Jebel Jais, in Ras Al Khaimah, and was opened on January 31, 2018.

14. Largest cup of hot tea

January 25, 2018

Standing 3.66m tall, the world’s largest cup of tea was displayed at Global Village Dubai in 2019. The gigantic cup measuring 1.42m in diameter was filled with 5,000 liters of tea. The massive cup also came equipped with a heating system to maintain a blistering temperature of 85 degrees Celsius!

15. Tallest Hotel

February, 2018

The Gevora Hotel in Dubai holds the crown as the tallest hotel in the world beating its predecessor the JW Mariott Marquis by one meter. Standing at 356 meters and with 528 rooms, the hotel is 50 meters taller than the Shard in London and 56 meters taller than the Eiffel Tower.

16. Most LED lamps installed on a public road

January 14, 2018

UAE World record: Most LED lamps installed on a public road
UAE World record: Most LED lamps installed on a public road Image Credit: Guinness Book of World Records

The most LED lamps installed on a public road is 21,416 lamps and was achieved by Abu Dhabi General Services Company - Musanada (UAE) in Abu Dhabi, UAE, verified on 14 January 2018. This project was completed within one year. A further 600 LED lamps were to be installed by the end of January 2018.

17. The largest gold ring


World's largest, most expensive gold ring

Najmat Taiba (Star of Taiba), the world’s largest gold ring worth $3 million.

The 21-carat Najmat Taiba has been recognised by the Guinness World Records and endorsed by the World Gold Council as the largest gold ring.

It weighs almost 64kg and is studded with 5.1kg of precious stones and diamonds as well as 615 Swarovski crystals. The ring was crafted by 55 goldsmiths, who worked on it for 10 hours a day for 45 days.

18. Longest line of horses

December 3, 2017

The longest line of horses consists of 116 horses and was achieved by Dubai Police Headquarters and Meydan, in Dubai on December 3, 2017. The event was part of UAE national day celebrations.

19. Largest human image of a waving national flag

November 28, 2017

Largest human image of a waving national flag
Largest human image of a waving national flag Image Credit: Guinness Book of World Records

The largest human image of a waving national flag consisted of 4,130 people, and was achieved by GEMS Education in Abu Dhabi November 28, 2017. The record was set during the annual UAE National Day celebration.

20. Largest wheelchair race

November 18, 2017 

The largest wheelchair race, Dubai
The largest wheelchair race, Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

The largest wheelchair race had 289 participants and was achieved by the Dubai Police on November 18, 2017.

The winner of the race was Abdulla Ghafri, Ridhajalal Bahri came second and third was Fahad Mohammad. All participants received a medal and were a part of Dubai Police’s efforts towards the Dubai Fitness Challenge, which aimed to get residents active for 30 minutes every day for 30 days.

21. Largest flag flown

November 2, 2017

Largest flag flown
Largest flag flown Image Credit: Guinness Book of World Records

The largest flag flown measures 2,448.56 square metres, and was achieved by Trident Support Flagpoles and Sharjah Investment and Development Authority in Sharjah, UAE, on 2 November 2017.

22. Most nationalities having a continental breakfast

April 13, 2017

The most nationalities having a continental breakfast is 101, achieved by Gurudwara Guru Nanak Darbar, in Dubai on April 13, 2017.

The event took place to celebrate the Year of Giving.

23. Most people performing push ups

February 16, 2017

The most people performing push-ups simultaneously is 1,645, achieved by the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, on February 16, 2017. The event was part of the UAE's National Sports day.

24. Largest flower arrangement/structure

December 2, 2016

Dubai Miracle Garden is an insta-worthy location, especially this time of the year. On December 2, 2016, the flower garden made the world record for the largest flower arrangement/structure. Measuring 72.95m x 78.34m x 21.98m, it is shaped like an Airbus A380.

25. Largest glow in the dark painting

November 24, 2016

Largest glow in the dark painting
Largest glow in the dark painting Image Credit: Guinness Book of World Records

This is the largest glow in the dark painting. It is 416.26 square metres. The record was achieved by Public Works and Services Department of Government of Ras al Khaimah, on 24 November 2016.

26. Most mechanical energy produced by pedaling on a static bicycle in one hour

November, 2016

A very specific record, this was set by 300 participants who worked together to produce 8,999 watt hours of energy. Hosted by Burj Park in Dubai, 100 stationary bikes were set up to break this record.

27. Largest lantern

July 4, 2016

Sharjah houses the world's largest lantern
Sharjah houses the world's largest lantern Image Credit: Guinness Book of World Records

The entrance of fresh food market Souq Al Jubail in Sharjah, UAE is now shrouded in a stunning red glow from the world’s Largest standing lantern, after the 13.09 metres high and 5 metres wide light was unveiled at an event organised by Sharjah Asset Management on Sunday.

Designed and built by Global Event Management Group, the spectacular lantern is made out of wood and copper and is a giant replica of a real lamp.

28. Fastest police car in service

April, 2016

Dubai Police's fleet of supercars has a fanbase of it's own. In 2016, Dubai Police decided to invest in one of the most powerful production cars on the planet: a Bugatti Veyron. With a blistering top speed of 407km/h, its 1,000-horse-power, 16-cylinder engine launches the car of 0 to 60mph in just 2.5 seconds.

It wasn't their first supercar – they already owned a Lamborghini Aventador. The Veyron, however, was renowned as the second fastest street-legal car in the world, only being pipped by the 427km/h Hennessey Venom GT.

29. Highest ratio of men to women


According to estimates published in the 2016 CIA World Factbook, the United Arab Emirates has 218 men for every 100 women. The global average is 101 men to every 100 women.

30. Longest painting

December 12, 2015

The world's largest painting by a group, to support autism
Image Credit: Archives

The longest painting measures 10,850m and was achieved by Al Tayer Group in Dubai on December 12, 2015.

20,000 students participated in the eight-month campaign titled 'I'm different just like you' to support autism.

31. Largest jiu-jitsu lesson

November 25, 2015

The largest jiu-jitsu lesson involves 2,481 participants and was achieved in an event organized by the UAE Jiu-jitsu Federation, ADEC, and Palms Sports (all UAE), at Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADNEC), in Abu Dhabi November 25, 2015. The jiu-jitsu lesson was part of the inaugural UAE National Sports Day.

32. Most expensive headwear sold at auction

November 24, 2015

Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid's helmet has a world record of it's own
The headwear was a helmet originally used by Shaikh Mohammad

The most expensive headwear sold at auction is Dh24,050,000 and was auctioned by Emirates Auction, at an event organised by Al Jalila Foundation, in Dubai on November 25, 2015.

The headwear was a helmet originally used by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

33. World’s longest handmade gold chain

January, 2015

At 5.522 kilometres long, the ‘Dubai Celebration Chain,’ holds the title of the world’s longest handmade gold chain. Employing over 100 craftsmen and taking over 45 days to produce, the 22 karat chain weighed a whopping 256 kilograms. Made to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Dubai Shopping Festival, the chain was unveiled at the Deira Gold Souk bus station and was later sold in pieces to shoppers.

34. Highest BASE jump from a building

April 21, 2014

The highest BASE jump performed from a building was 828m by Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet of France off the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai on April 21, 2014.

35. Largest serving of pickled vegetables

November 10, 2013

The largest serving of pickled vegetables is 1,579 kg and was prepared by Za'abeel Palace Hospitality in Dubai on November 10, 2013.

36. Largest book

February 27, 2012

The largest book measures 5m x 8.06m, weighs approximately 1,500kg and consists of 429 pages. The book was unveiled by Mshahed International Group, in Dubai on February 27, 2012.

Over 50 people took part in the construction of the book which is a compilation of stories highlighting the lifetime achievements of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as well as the positive influence of Islam on the international and humanitarian scene.

37. Largest vertical maze (permanent)

January 1, 2012

The largest vertical maze is situated on the front facade of Al Rostamani Maze Tower and has a surface area of 3,947.22 square metres. The building was completed in January 2012, in Dubai.

38. Largest sword

December 16, 2011

The Al Saif Roundabout in Fujairah now hosts the longest sword in the world at 14.94 metres. Image Credit: Atiq-Ur-Rehman /Gulf News

The largest sword measures 14.93m and is located in the middle of the Al Saif roundabout. It was measured using a Disto D8, and a crane was used to inspect the quality of the sword from top to bottom. Independent surveyors were on hand from the UAE army who had provided the specialised crane equipment to verify the measurements.

39. Most expensive Christmas tree decorated

December 16, 2010

World's most expensive Christmas tree
World's most expensive Christmas tree decoration Image Credit: Guinness Book of World Records

The most expensively dressed Christmas tree was valued at Dh41,329,531 and was displayed by the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi from December 16-29, 2010. The tree was covered in 181 items of jewelry and stood 13.1m high.

40. Fastest roller-coaster made from steel

November 04, 2010

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi - Formula Rossa-1567835218318

Formula Rossa at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, UAE, can accelerate up to 240km/h and 52m upwards in 4.9 seconds. It opened to the public on November 4, 2010.

41. Largest yowla dance

November 26, 2010

The largest Yowla dance was achieved by 285 participants from three different tribes within Fujairah (UAE), as part of the Fujairah Crown Prince Award and Al Saif traditional sword competition, at Fujairah Fort on November 26, 2010.

It's a traditional dance performed by men and boys, and includes several sword throws and dances involving sticks or rifles. 

42. World’s furthest leaning man-made tower

June, 2010

Abu Dhabi’s skyscraper, Capital Gate, is also known as the ‘Leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi.’ At 160 meters, it is also one of the tallest buildings in the capital city. Due to its clever engineering and architectural design, the building leans 18 degrees to the west.

43. Tallest Tower, the Burj Khalifa

January, 2010

Dubai's Burj Khalifa is in the Guinness book of World Records Hall of Fame. It officially opened on January 4, 2010. At 828m tall, the Burj is more than twice the height of the Empire State Building, and almost three times the size of the Eiffel Tower.

The Burj Khalifa, Dubai
The Burj Khalifa, Dubai Image Credit: Stock image

In the course of confirming the Burj as the World’s tallest building, Guinness World Records also ratified a number of other lofty achievements for the ground-breaking structure.

To name a few, it has the tallest elevator in a building (504m), can boast the most floors in a building (163) and the highest restaurant from ground level (441.3m).

44. The Highest Restaurant From Ground Level

At.mosphere sits on the 123rd floor of the Burj Khalifa and is elevated to a height of 1,447 feet. Bookings need to be made in advance.

45. Largest Shopping centre

November 4, 2008

The largest shopping centre is the Dubai Mall, located within Downtown Dubai, UAE. Consisting of four levels and with an internal floor area of 548,127 square metres, it comprises of 1,200 retail outlets and over 160 food and beverage outlets. Construction began in 2004, with the mall opening its doors on November 4, 2008. The mall includes an aquarium, Olympic size ice rink, and a 22 screen cineplex.

46. Most palm trees planted in 10 years

March 15, 2009

The record for the most palm trees planted in 10 years is 42 million and was achieved by the United Arab Emirates between 1999 and 2009. The certificate was presented on the Khalifa awards at Emirates Palace.

47. Most varieties of desserts on display

February 13, 2009

The most different desserts on display is 2,232 and was achieved by Dubai Shopping Festival in conjunction with the Emirates Culinary Guild at Uptown Mirdiff, Dubai on February 13, 2009. A total of 2,232 different desserts from over 30 countries were prepared for the record attempt.

48. Largest incense burner

March 23, 2001

A hand crafted 3m tall, 1,000 kg incense burner (mabkhara) made of ash wood and brass was made by fragrance company Ajmal, and presented on March 23, 2001 during the popular Dubai Shopping Festival in the UAE.