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A still from a police video showing the moment before a crash caused by a pick-up jumping a red light in Sharjah Image Credit: Screengrab

Sharjah: Sharjah Police have shared with Gulf News footage of reckless motorists putting lives at risk by ignoring traffic rules.

The footage shows cars ignoring the red traffic light, with one of them ramming into another. Also, in a part of the video, a car can be seen suddenly rushing in, even as the signal for vehicular traffic turns red.

The question is: Who was at fault ? Sharjah Police has sought comments from the public to determine their level of awareness.

They have clarified that in this case, the motorists jumping the red signal were at fault for not following the traffic light.

The taxi driver and pick up driver should have slowed down and stopped when the signal for vehicular traffic turned red, but they didn’t.

Fortunately, an accident was averted in one of the cases.

Sharjah Police explained that Article No. 33 of the Traffic Law stipulates that offenders are fined Dh1,000, and given 12 traffic black points for jumping a traffic light. In addition, the vehicle will be impounded for 30 days.