A Dubai Tourist Police official shares a safety brochure with a driver of a tour operator during the campaign Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Police have launched an initiative called ‘Tour Dubai Safely’ to raise the awareness of tour companies’ drivers on traffic laws and public safety guidelines about going off-road in the desert.

Organised by the Tourist Police Department, Lahbab Police Station, and Al Faqa’a Police Station, the awareness initiative targeted drivers of tour companies operating in Al Aweer, Lahbab and Margham areas.

Brigadier Khalfan Al Jallaf, Director of the Tourist Police Department, said the initiative is part of a series of campaigns carried out under the directives of Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, targeting drivers and motorists to raise traffic and road safety awareness.

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During ‘Tour Dubai Safely’, drivers were briefed on the significance of preparing vehicles for obstacles and bumpy conditions they may encounter, monitoring and adjusting the tyre pressures, and carrying their off-road emergency supplies, which should include a safety kit and necessities. Motorists were also urged to switch to four-wheel-drive mode and drive slowly to manoeuvre easily across the desert.

Brig Al Jallaf said 3,000 awareness brochures were distributed among 1,500 drivers in the Lahbab area, 1,000 in Al Aweer, and 500 in Margham.