Dubai: Tour operators in Dubai expect businesspersons and corporate traveller to especially take advantage of the new visa.

Mujahid Farooq, Marketing and Sales Manager, Skyland Tourism, said: “The UAE is a destination for people from around the world who visit on short or long-term visas. We expect business and corporate travellers to especially avail of the new five-year visa, as well as frequent visitors. The regular tourist doesn’t visit that often or stay for long because of their limited vacation time. However, businesspersons can use this new visa to visit more regularly and stay for longer – apparently for six months at a time – to take care of their corporate operations or manage their investments.”

Hossam Youssef, Director, Adrenaline Travel, said: “It will be an added value for tourists, which will boost a lot of visitors. It will be more appealing for business visitors as compared to regular short-term tourists. Also, families of expats will gain more freedom for social visits, which they will be able to do as often as they like. And the announcement comes in the year of Expo 2020 Dubai, which in itself will also boost tourism to the UAE. Last year, there was an upsurge in in-bound travellers and hotel occupancy rates. This will continue because of the new visa scheme and Expo 2020 Dubai.”