File photo of cyclists in Dubai
File photo of cyclists in Dubai for illustrative purpose only Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of Interior, through the Federal Traffic Council, has initiated its inaugural unified traffic campaign for 2024, themed ‘Safe Riding for Bicycle Users’.

The primary objective is to raise traffic awareness among bicycle users, underscoring the imperative of adhering to instructions and following traffic safety guidelines to safeguard lives and property.

This initiative aligns with the ministry’s ongoing commitment to cultivating awareness and a responsible traffic culture among motorbike, electric, and bicycle riders, with the ultimate goal of minimising wrongful behaviour, ensuring road users’ rights, and fostering the highest safety standards.

Brigadier Engineer Hussein Ahmed Al Harithi, Chairman of the Federal Traffic Council, said: “The campaign will extend throughout Q1 [first quarter of] 2024, conducted in collaboration with strategic partners, ministries, federal and local agencies, and various entities dedicated to traffic safety. The aim is to reach the widest societal segment through awareness messages in Arabic, English, and Urdu across diverse social media platforms.”

Al Harithi emphasised that the campaign includes disseminating awareness messages to all types of bicycle users, emphasising compliance with traffic laws during all stages of riding. Users are urged to adhere to security and safety requirements, including designated roads, respect for traffic laws, helmet usage, appropriate clothing, and safety tools.

The campaign underscores the importance of ensuring tyre and brake safety, bicycle suitability before riding, adherence to the correct path on internal and public roads or bicycle paths, and refraining from riding in a manner that jeopardises the lives and safety of others.