Wearing a helmet and reflective jacket is a must when riding a bicycle or scooter, police say Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Bicycle and scooter riders who fail to adhere to traffic regulations in Abu Dhabi emirate could now be penalised as part of the Abu Dhabi Police’s intensified campaign to enhance road safety.

The strengthened regulations follow a two-month awareness campaign regarding the rules and regulations the govern the use of bicycles, scooters and electric scooters in the emirate.

Awareness campaign

During the campaign, representatives from the Abu Dhabi Police and the Department of Municipalities and Transport’s Integrated Transport Centre (ITC), the emirate’s public transport regulator, had handed out leaflets and safety gear. The regulations were also displayed across public buses, bus stops and other public venues and social media platforms.

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Use authorised vehicles

Brigadier General Mohammed Dhahi Al Himiri, director of the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate, stressed the importance of adhering to traffic rules in order to ensure the safety of all road users. He also urged riders to opt only for authorised vehicle types, which does not extend to electric scooters with affixed seats. In fact, only bicycles and scooters without seats – whether manual or electric – can be used on designated Abu Dhabi roads. In all cases, riders may not take pillion riders.

Rider must also reduce their speed when passing through crowded areas, and must avoid going in a direction that opposes traffic flow when using internal roads. For their own safety, they must also don bike helmets and reflective jackets.

Traffic authorities have earlier published a series of violations and their applicable penalties, which include fines ranging from Dh200 to Dh500.

Rider safety tips

• Make sure to wear a bike helmet and reflective jackets when riding a bicycle or scooter.

• Use only lanes designated for bicycles and scooters, and avoid riding against the direction of traffic flow.

• Do not exceed speeds of 20 kilometres per hour when on the roads.

• Avoid taking pillion riders, which can imbalance small vehicles.

• Do not carry heavy weights when riding to preserve your balance.

• Avoid using sound blocking headphones, or earpieces in both ears, so that you can focus on the road.

• Follow all applicable traffic rules and regulations.

Fines and penalties

Dh500 fine for these violations

• riding on unauthorised roads and areas, including on a main road used for vehicles, or a walking and running track

• riding on the shoulder along highways or roads where the speed exceeds 40 kilometres per hour

Dh200 fine will for these violations

• riding on the main road

• riding against the direction of traffic flow, or disregarding instructions on traffic signs

• failing to wear a protective helmet

• failing to wear a jacket or reflective clothing while riding in dark areas

• parking the bicycle or electric scooter in a non-designated space in a manner that hinders the movement of vehicles or pedestrians

• leaving bicycles and electric scooters secured to street lights or sign posts

• failing to give to pedestrians at intersections and sidewalks

• failing to slow down at pedestrian crossings, or riding across a pedestrian crossing without dismounting from the bicycle or electric scooter

• riding in a manner that is unsafe under the current weather conditions

• holding on to another moving vehicle while riding

• riding bicycles and electric scooters on running and walking tracks, in areas where there are dedicated bicycle lanes

• taking a pillion rider, unless the bicycle is equipped with equipment and safety gear

• carrying a heavy weight that hinders the balance of the vehicle

• using a siren that disturbs other road users

• failing to install a white headlight, a red night light or reflector, a red rear light connected to the brakes, or a bike horn connected to the handlebars