The relocated U-turn on Kuwait Street is among the traffic improvement projects Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has completed traffic improvement works on three main streets in Al Mankhool, including modifications at the intersections of Kuwait Street, 12A Street, and 10C Street.

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Hussain Al Banna, CEO of the Traffic and Roads Agency at RTA, said: “Al Mankhool area is notorious for its heavy traffic. RTA has made several enhancements, including reducing the right-in and right-out lanes from two to one at the junction of Kuwait Street and 10C Street and incorporating a U-turn movement on 10C Street to improve traffic safety and decrease accidents.”

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Al Banna added that the project also involves relocating the U-turn on Kuwait Street to lengthen the storage lane. “This change will enhance traffic flow and cut down delays by 30 per cent at the junction of Kuwait Street and 12A Street. It will reduce queueing and waiting times for vehicles. Moreover, the removal of the overlapping traffic movement from 10C Street to 12A Street will improve safety on Kuwait Street.”

He said: “The improvements contribute to smoother traffic flow and easier movement throughout Al Mankhool and its surrounding areas, benefiting around 130,000 residents and school-goers. Al Mankhool is a vital commercial area, home to numerous service companies in the hotels and hospitality sector, hospitals, and various retail and wholesale outlets.”