The Mawaqif Regulation Law regulates public parking usage to improve traffic flow across Al Ain. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT), represented by Abu Dhabi Mobility (AD Mobility), has announced the launch of the vehicle towing service for those violating the Mawaqif system in Al Ain city, starting from Wednesday, June 19.

This initiative is part of the enforcement of the Mawaqif Regulation Law, designed to regulate public parking usage and improve traffic flow across the city’s areas.

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AD Mobility confirmed that the process of towing vehicles will be according to the type of violation. In the event of vehicles being found without number plates in the parking area, the violating vehicle will be towed away immediately to the impoundment yard in Al Ain Industrial City. Vehicles will be towed away if they are offered for sale, or are used for commercial, advertising or promotional purposes, as well as if the parking lot is reserved without a permit or with an expired permit.

AD Mobility has called on the public in Al Ain to adhere to the “parking” system to avoid towing away of vehicles. It has also noted the necessity of adhering to the laws regarding the organisation and management of public parking at all times, stopping vehicles correctly and regularly in the places designated for parking, and not in prohibited places or obstructing the movement of vehicles.

Additionally, work teams are conducting educational workshops to raise public awareness about the public parking management system. AD Mobility has also launched an awareness campaign aimed at increasing awareness among business owners and the general public about Mawaqif services, their operational procedures, and their positive effects on traffic flow, service sectors, community well-being, the economy, and the environment.

How to check traffic fines in Al Ain

Keeping track of traffic fines is an essential aspect of responsible driving. The authorities have implemented various methods to make this process accessible and convenient for residents and visitors. Here’s how you can check traffic fines in Al Ain, using both online and offline methods. These methods cover cars on rentals as well:

Go to the official website of the Traffic Police in Al Ain

Look for the dedicated section related to traffic fines. This is typically labeled as “Traffic Violations”.

Enter your vehicle details accurately

The system will generate a comprehensive list of any outstanding fines associated with your vehicle