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Traffic along Sheikh Zayed Road. The survey showed a low dependency on public transport Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: The Dubai Police 'We Are All Police' programme, which enables the public to take part in ensuring the safety and security of Dubai roads, recorded 34,869 traffic fines during the last seven months.

According to Colonel Jumaa Salem bin Suwaidan, Acting Director of the General Directorate of Traffic at Dubai Police, 8,976 of these fines were submitted by Dubai Police officers and 9,321 were recorded via CCTV surveillance cameras. He explained that the programme also received 16,572 calls reporting traffic violations from concerned community members during the same period.

Col. bin Suwaidan pointed out that the 'We Are All Police' programme enables public members to take part in ensuring the safety and security of Dubai roads and streets by reporting reckless drivers and traffic violations conveniently via the Dubai Police smart app or calling Dubai Police's call centre (901). He further noted that all reports are handled by the Department's traffic experts thoroughly and with extreme confidentiality.

Col. bin Suwaidan explained that the highest number of violations was recorded in March with a total of 5,822 violations, followed by June with 5,735 violations, 5,666 in July, 4,966 in May, 4,496 in February, 4,188 in January, and 3,999 in April.

Verifying reports

"We don't issue fines against individuals after immediately receiving the report. However, we first verify the report, check available cameras and systems, and contact to warn violators before issuing any tickets," Col. bin Suwaidan confirmed.

"Moreover, our authorised police officers can report violations while off duty by simply using the application or calling the command centre. In that case, the fine will be issued immediately", he added.

Col. bin Suwaidan called upon the public to utilise this service and join Dubai Police in ensuring the safety and security of our roads and protecting the lives of road users.