Vehicle modification of any kind is prohibited on Dubai roads, even if the modified vehicle is used specifically for racing in designated areas Image Credit: GN Archive

Abu Dhabi: Motorists who have modified their vehicles, such as by increasing the sound of their exhaust pipes, are being urged to remove such additions as part of a new awareness campaign.

Organised by the Directorate of Traffic and Patrols, General Command of Abu Dhabi Police, the initiative will be launched on June 10.

"This campaign will target motorists who illegally modify their cars or motorcycles in order to increase their speed or other elements within their vehicles because such changes, especially if done incorrectly, may lead to accidents and injuries for both the drivers and surrounding motorists," Brig Hussain Ahmad Al Harthi, director of Traffic and Patrols department, Abu Dhabi Police, said.

According to Al Harthi, those caught with unauthorised additions or other modifications that may cause harm to themselves or others will be given a Dh900 fine, while motorists who have modified their exhausts will be fined Dh500, and those who have modified their engine without the correct licence will be issued a Dh400 fine. Additionally, all violators will have their vehicles impounded for a month.

"Along with accidents, such modifications also cause noise pollution," he said. "Another concern is that if there is any faulty electrical wiring as a result of these changes, it may cause a car to catch fire or increase the risk of it doing so if the vehicle crashes and the fuel tank leaks."

Rule enforced in Sharjah

Earlier, Sharjah had enforced the rule to confiscate noisy vehicles last month and the police have already impounded more than 100 vehicles found violating the rule.

The new rule was issued by His Highness Dr Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, who instructed Sharjah Police to permanently confiscate vehicles and motorbikes with modified exhaust systems.

According to the new rule, automobile workshops and other facilities will be closed down if they are found to be responsible for modifying exhaust systems or providing any other facility that allows any vehicle's engine to be louder than usual.