Sharjah: Sharjah Transport has announced the completion of 95 per cent of phase two of the Sharjah Transportation Master Plan that was launched in September.

The five-phase project, which presents a comprehensive transport strategy for the emirate, consisted of a two-month survey seeking feedback from residents and motorists on transport and traffic issues. The first two phases, which were set for completion at the end of November, aimed to gather and analyse information about when people travel and their destinations. It also focused on residential areas, highways, car parks, work places, malls and bus stations.

The survey included 4,200 household interviews, which represents three per cent of the total number of households in Sharjah. The 15-minute interviews were carried out by five teams in every area of the emirate and included information such as the time of travel, mode of travel and start and end locations.

Another part of the survey included roadside interviews, which took place on seven main roads where drivers were asked questions while they waited in traffic.

Rabaa Mohammad Al Marzouqi, head of the public transport franchise department at Sharjah Transport, said that the upcoming third phase of the plan will analyse and assess the gathered data to help determine transportation preferences, peak times for vehicle use and preferred routes and modes of transportation.

The Sharjah Directorate of Public Works and Sharjah Transport will continue to develop the plan over the next 22 months, he added.