Dubai: Payment of traffic fines is now a just phone call away as the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) enables its call centre to process fine payments.

The RTA on Sunday announced that it has tied up with digital communications firm Avaya to enable credit card payment service through the Payment Gateway of RTA Call Centre (8009090).

Apart from payment of fees, the new system allows customers to use the IVR System of the call centre to pay for traffic fines, driver licence renewal, replacement of lost/damaged driving licences, renewal of vehicle registration, replacement of lost/damaged vehicle registration, and the new Dubai Brand vehicle plate.

“Payment by the credit card through the IVR System of the call centre (8009090) was first run on a trial basis for payment of traffic fines. After proving a success, the system now covers numerous other services in cooperation with Avaya,” said Ahmad Mahboub, Executive Director of RTA’s Customer Service.

The system is secure enough for people to use it without any concerns of cyber fraud.

“The system is capable of blocking the potentials of cyber fraud when the credit card is lost, and an attempted use by unauthorised persons is detected. This feature is accessible through a series of steps generated by the system to the user. Thus, users of this technology are assured of the highest level of security,” said Mahboub.

He added that the RTA is striving to be the first public entity to benefit from the secure Payment Gateway of the Dubai Smart Government.

“The new service facilitates the processing of transactions and reduces the waiting time of callers. RTA has plans for adopting top-class standards and utilising the latest technologies in service delivery. It is keen on opening new channels of communication with customers,” added Mahboub.