Motorists crossing Al Makhtoum Bridge will not have to pay Salik toll on Sundays-- the new weekly off day. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Dubai: Motorists, please take note: With the new weekend in the UAE in place, toll charge or Salik fee on Al Maktoum Bridge is now free on Sundays, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has confirmed to Gulf News on Tuesday.

Motorists will now have to pay Salik toll charges for crossing Al Maktoum Bridge on Fridays. The new schedule comes following the new closure timings of Floating Bridge on Deira Creek. The RTA tweeted on Tuesday: “RTA informs you about the Floating Bridge new closure timings that will be applicable as of Saturday, 15 January 2022. On weekdays, the bridge will be closed as per the usual timings from 10pm till 6am (next day) and on weekend from Saturday at 10pm till Monday at 6am.”

Earlier, Floating Bridge would close from 10pm Thrusday night to 6am Saturday but the timing has been revised due to cope with the new weekend -- Saturday, Sunday -- effective from January 1, 2022.

Automatic road toll

Salik is Dubai’s automatic road toll collection system. Each time a vehicle passes through a Salik toll gate, Dh4 is automatically deducted from the owner’s prepaid Salik toll account.

All seven Salik gates in Dubai are active every day, except Al Maktoum bridge which is free at night or whenever Floating Bridge is closed. “Yes, Salik on Maktoum Bridge is going to be free whenever Floating Bridge is closed,” an RTA spokesperson has confirmed.

Parking free on Fridays

Meanwhile, public parking in Dubai will remain free only on Fridays and public holidays. Usual charges will remain applicable on Saturdays and Sundays — the new UAE weekends — “until further notice”, the RTA noted.