Commuters make use of the public buses operating from Satwa bus station. The Roads and Transport revises several routes and revived previous stops in Dubai from September 1. Image Credit: Francois Nel/GN archive

Dubai: Bus run time will improve considerably in Dubai as the Roads and Transport revises several routes and revived previous stops in Dubai from September 1.

Of the 88 urban routes that operate in the city, 10 routes are being modified or realigned to improve the efficiency and reliability of the buses.

“As part of the continuous improvement plan of the bus service, Public Transport Agency (PTA) undertakes frequent surveys to improve the run time of buses. As a result, 10 bus routes have been modified to better serve the commuters from September 1,” said Eisa Al Hashemi, Acting Director of Planning and Business Development at PTA.

The Bus routes that were tweaked following the opening of Rashid Tunnel are 10, 33, 42, 44, 61D, 66, 67, C04, C05, C07, C14, C15, C18, C19, X23 and E16.

Construction work near the Rashid Hospital area had earlier forced diversion of these routes, leading to scrapping of some stops on the above routes. However, as the construction work completed and the Rashid Tunnel opened for traffic last month, bus routes have been modified once again to pass through the area and stops have been reopened.

Apart from the 10 routes that have been modified, sequence of 10 more routes have been altered to improve the run time.

These are Bus Route Nos 4, 13B, 31, 64, 64A, 93, C19, C26, X94 and F21, which will run on new timings and frequency. Details of the new timings had been posted on all relevant bus stops.

“Performance of public bus network is monitored monthly, while the regular feedback from commuters are also taken into consideration,” said Al Hashemi. “Based on our study and customer feedback, changes are carried out two to three times every year. Changes are planned based on events, seasonal demands, development of new areas and residents’ changing travel habits.”

RTA operates around 1,200 buses, covering 85 per cent of Dubai’s urban area, which stretches up to 355 square-kilometre.

This year, RTA launched four new routes F12, F21, 43 and E307A, while route 31 will be redesigned with effect from September 1.

“The services are introduced based on growth and expansion of new developments within the emirate of Dubai. The new services are introduced in Al Nahda, Al Jafiliya and Festival City areas, while Routes 31 has been expanded to cater to the residents of Muhaisanah and offering greater connectivity between Muhaisanah and Ittihad Mall,” added Al Hashemi.

Apart from 88 urban routes, there are 11 inter-city routes including six routes between Dubai and Sharjah that serve as a vital lifeline for commuters between the twin emirates.


A new terminal for inter-city buses plying the Dubai-Sharjah route was recently established in Abu Hail, said the official.

“The six inter-city routes serve between various areas of Dubai such as Al Ghubaiba, Sabkha, Deira City Centre, Karama, Satwa, Union Square as well as Abu Hail — which was recently added — and Sharjah. The routes serve around 30,000 people daily so we are constantly on the look out to enhance the facilities,” stated Al Hashemi.

Interestingly, RTA is considering to further expand the Dubai-Sharjah service by adding new routes to different parts of Sharjah. Currently, the six routes start from different parts of Dubai but all head to Al Jubail in Sharjah, with only a limited stops on the way.