Sharjah: An Asian man died on Wednesday morning after being hit by a car in Sharjah while crossing a busy road.

According to a police source, the Bangladeshi victim, identified as I.H., died at the scene of the incident after he was struck by a vehicle.

Police said on Wednesday that the man crossed the road unsafely because there was no marked pedestrian crossing that usually alerts drivers to stop for foot traffic.

“The motorist involved in the accident was trying to avoid being hit by another car on the road. The incident took place on Al Ittihad Road on the side in which motorists were travelling from Dubai towards Sharjah,” the police spokesman said.

Witnesses said the victim had tried to make it safely across the road in heavy traffic, but was struck.

Paramedics at the scene

A police patrol car was dispatched to the scene as were paramedics. The victim, however, could not be revived. After finding the body in a pool of blood, the paramedics moved it to a hospital morgue.

Drivers involved in the accident were taken into the custody of Al Buheira police for questioning.

Sharjah Police have appealed to all road users to abide by traffic laws and the speed limit and to also pay attention while driving to ensure public safety.

He urged all community members to cross the road from pedestrian crossings to ensure they don’t put their lives at risk.

Citizens are also reminded to be more alert during the holidays during heavy traffic periods when fatal road incidents may be more likely to claim lives.