Abu Dhabi Police have urged drivers to make way for emergency vehicles Image Credit: For illustrative purpose only

Abu Dhabi: Motorists must make way for emergency vehicles on the road or face Dh3,000 fines, the Abu Dhabi Police has warned.

Motorists who fail to give away will not only face the Dh3,000 fine but also have their vehicles confiscated for 30 days. They will also be given six traffic black points.

Emergency vehicles include ambulances and police cars, among others, and they must be prioritised on the road, allowing them to reach accident sites or places of emergency without delay. The Police said in a social media post that failing to give way to emergency vehicles delays the speed of response, and can cause complications or worsen injuries that need immediate intervention. A quick response when an incident occurs can also be lifesaving in many cases.

In addition to giving way, motorists must also avoid parking on the hard shoulders, which are designated for use by emergency vehicles.

The Police is currently running a campaign to highlight the importance of prioritising emergency vehicles and personnel, entitled Safety Trail.